• Playmobil Face Mask

    Playmobil COVID-19 Mask

    Playmobil invented a COVID-19 mask to protect their employees from the disease, and are how offering the same mask to the public. It is a reusable and washable mask, with a very interesting design. And they are donating 1€ from each…

  • german flag on top of government building
    Daily Life

    New Germany Skilled Immigration Act

    Come to Germany!! That is the message the German government is trying to convey with the Germany Skilled Immigration Act. It is a new law that enters into force on March 1st. It opens access to the German labor market for…

  • Africa

    Hurghada | beach paradise in Egypt

    Egypt for us meant ancient civilizations, pharaohs, pyramids, desert, and temples. And it was always in our list of places to visit. What we did not expect was to visit it for its beaches and all-inclusive resorts, like we found in…