• Adri, Alice, Diana and Arthur in front of castle

    Edinburgh Adventure: A Scottish Delight!

    Edinburgh Adventure: A Scottish Delight! Are you ready to explore the rugged beauty of Scotland? Look no further than Edinburgh, the country's capital! With its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and rich history, this magical city is an adventure waiting to happen.…

  • Duomo di Milano

    Top Ten Attractions in Milan, Italy

    After the stop of some hours in Pisa, we continue our journey towards Milan. The city is the second largest in Italy, only losing to Rome. There are just over 3.6 million inhabitants in the Milan metropolitan area. The road from…

  • Nuremberg

    Nuremberg – Bavaria | Trips in Germany

    Last december, just a few days before Christmas and with our family from Brazil visiting us, we had a quick stop in Nuremberg, in the state of Bavaria. The city of Nuremberg or how it’s called here in Germany, Nürnberg, has…