DIY – Breakfast nook and dining room

It was about time I started sharing a few improvements we’ve been doing around this sweet home of ours.
It’s been fun and busy around here, in DIY universe. This house is a big project, however nothing is in desperate need of repair, so we’re taking it slow. This is one of the reasons we chose this house too, having a lot of room for improvement and customization, but it’s perfectly livable for the time being.
Anyway, let’s start with the painting news, shall we?
After Alice’s bedroom, the first thing that came across our minds was the rear patio doors, leading to the backyard (just off the kitchen, in the breakfast nook area – which we don’t use as breasfast nook as you may see – oh, maybe kids nook). Well, not the doors per se, but the blinds that came with it. And thinking in replacing blinds and the fact the we were going to take them down and eventually install them back on, we thought it’d be a good time to update the area.
I chose a very flexible grey tone for the paint color, which we plan to paint most of the house. It matches basically any other color (in our palette) and goes well with our furniture (not thaaat much with the existing kitchen, but you know, that kitchen will go eventually…). I also wanted the paint to be zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), which guarantees that the product doesn’t have contaminants on the ingredients, especially interesting for indoor painting (and during fall, when you rather not open the windows because it’s cold) and to maintain the indoor environmental quality.
Touch of Grey and Granite Gray – our color winners
CIL color palette in Behr No VOC water based paint
For the blinds, after some research, we ended up going with IKEA one more time, reusing some of the track and ceiling brackets we already had and getting a few new accessories and panels.

Awesome (not) existing vertical blinds that came with the house. There weren’t just not our style, they were also falling apart.

Diego covering the holes after the old blind removal .
Painting in progress
New blind is up – here we go again  IKEA – the blinds are on a track and are installed down from the ceiling.
That’s the end of our painting and blind improvement – for now.
(Mind the very discreet table and stool set, with  Minnie Mouse tea set to compose the room decor)
And since the dining room was literally just around the corner, we extended the projects to it. The dining room was originally the family room on the house original plan, but I thought it would fit our needs much better if we switched the spaces.
So the dining room is our current project, which started with the paint and extended to the fireplace reno, currently in the progress.
The colors in the dining room before – and our human scale during breakfast.

Painting on progress – bye bye peachy beige
The final painting job on the this corner. Promise before and after  pictures when the room is all done.
Just to finalize here I have to say that the DIY thing is not just time consuming, but also hard when there are kids around, specially small kids. We can keep kind of Alice away from paint and brushes, but she’s always in need of attention, to play, for a snack, for potty etc. So the painting adventures are always broken in minute runs, between having to give her some attention. 
It took us a few weekends and nights to paint these walls and re-install stuff. 🙂


  • Pat

    Gostei da cortina no breakfast nook. Como vamos ter que decorar tudo do zero (e a casa toda vai vir pintada de cinza), seu blog é uma ótima inspiração =)