How to break tiles – not on purpose

The first and only thing we did so far on our ensuite bathroom was removing the trim for some shower doors they previously had in there. The actual door is nowhere to be seen, so I found no reason to keep the trim hanging around.
I started with the unscrew part, then some caulking removal to finally pull the trim out. It was going fine until I pulled the trim a little harder and a tile just came out with it… awww… fail! I could noticed that the tiles around the area are all sort of loose. I just can’t wait to see them all go.
Meanwhile, we’ll have to live with that broken tile until the full renovation on bathroom comes.
The shower looks 1% better now. I still have to do some deeper cleaning and some caulking where the wall tiles find the sill, to get to a 2% better looking… (yes, it’s that bad…).


The broken tile…

Mess in progress
Final – so far

It has been a lot of painting going on lately. Soon updates…

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