Let the painting begin…

I did mention that almost the whole house is painted in a beige/yellow tone, right? Well, I probably didn’t mention the hospital green tone that is covering a few of the bedrooms. Alice’s room is one of them. I just thought her room was the first on our list, since didn’t require that much work and investment to look nice.
My plan was to keep the same color scheme we had in her room in the old house, just because everybody was happy with the results. So stripe it is.
This is the before…
The striped wall – Lines were drawn every 20 cm, with a help of level.

Lot of tape

White stripes on progress

The rest of the walls are a light grey tone, which we’ll use in most of the house…

I’ll have to write a post for the materials in particular…

Second coat of the white – I had to do three coats to cover nicely… affff

My helper (not really…)

Let the white dry and let’s move to yellow!

Hi yellow!

Looks like a Brazilian room

In action…

Tchrammmm! Done!

 It took a lot of hours along more than a week to finalize it, but I’m happy with the results. Soon I’ll post more details, like the ceiling fixture and the whole room update…


  • Wilma Santos

    Olá, eu sempre tenho lido mas a minha Internet anda uma porcaria, e nem sempre consigo comentar. Gostei da parede com listras amarelas e fiquei curiosa como elas ficaram na mesma largura, depois que pintou de branca você removeu a fita e ajustou? Ficou a curiosidade.