Life just got busier…

I’m not sure I mentioned properly, but after a long period of uncertainties, doubts, ideas, pros and cons, I finally applied for a few jobs and for some stars alignment, I was hired fairly quickly. This happened just in between the sale of our house and purchase of our current one and all the moving fun that follows. Don’t really have to say that it was a lot of changes and stress, all in the same month (oh, unforgettable October!).
For Alice, that meant the start of her school days. I visited some daycares close to home and found one that better suited our needs (I work 3 days a week for now). I wanted an institution this time, not a home daycare (as we tried last year already an didn’t work out) and I can say it was fairly easy to find one. I looked up ones around our current area and sent a few emails, most of them had places available. It just takes time to research, contact, book a visit, visit and finally make a decision.
It sounds like a very successful story apart for the fact that Alice didn’t get the memo and just didn’t feel ready to be away from mommy and daddy. This beginning is being rough to say the least. We are really hopeful that with lots of talks and incentives, Alice will, in time, get used to be away from us and actually enjoy all the activities and other kids to play with.
So as you imagine, I’m trying to get on top of things. The job is going smooth, but I have to catch up now, after almost 3 years away from all the career life. The blog is on my priority list, I just need to find time for it!!
These photos are back from the beginning of October, when we still had light (it’s not getting dark before 5pm) and leaves (they’re all gone now). 🙂
Dress by godmother Adri – Loved it!

Loving the furry brothers