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Brazilian born, architect , Canadian, mom of 3 + 2 pups and now living a 2nd expat adventure, in Germany!

Expat life is no ordinary life. We have done it back in 2007, but now, in 2019, it was a totally different story, with kids and pets in tow.

We love traveling too, so beside our life as expats, we write about our trips, while trying to make all work with our busy routines.

Family in Canada

Going more in depth, I should probably mention that my husband and I are originally from south of Brazil, where we grew up, went to school (I’m an architect and he’s a software engineer), became Mr. and Mrs. and it’s where all our relatives are. We ended up in Canada after searching for new adventures and experiences, a new life. We went through the immigration process and arrived there with only a few pieces of luggage, no jobs, no long-term home, but many dreams. That was fall 2007.

Downtown Ottawa

We had a lot of additions to our family since we arrived here in 2007, when we basically started from scratch in many areas of our lives (culture, language, careers etc).

As the years passed, we adopted two dogs (Dexter and Eddie) and had our first baby, Alice and then, our second baby girl, Diana. In 2018, we had our little boy Arthur. We made some new good friends, we’ve got used to the cold and to a lot of different cultures, we became home owners, parents and citizens. It’s quite a lot, but so far, I think we are having a lot of fun.

Expat Family in Canada
Family of 5 in Canada

This blog was a way to connect with family and friends in Brazil from the beginning, as well a way to keep all the memories of our challenges, adventures and trips throughout the years. I mainly wrote in the Portuguese language all these years, but now we are trying a more bilingual approach, so check on the Canadian flag on the menu for our texts in English.

Canada Day
Canada Day 2019
Christmas family photo
First Christmas in Germany – 2019

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