• baby shoes

    Where to buy kids clothes in Canada

    Back by the end of last year I added a goal for 2019, which was to give people a reason to return to the blog and to those who periodically seem around here hoping they have new posts. Beknow, I’m trying…

  • Canada

    Live in downtown or Canadian suburb?

    Like many of the mornings, coldarctic style, super typical of the Canadian winter, but especially this year, I found myself thinking how suburban our routine is. We live west of the center of the Canadian capital in the Kanata district and…

  • Dogs on the snow
    Canada,  Pets

    Our dogs in the Canadian winters

    I have received some questions about how to take care of our furry kids in the Canadian winter, especially on the colder days and the snowy days, so behold, this post comes to tell a little of our experience with our…

  • Canada

    Retrospective 2017

    Photo of almost the whole family – missed dexter – last day of 2017 First day of the new year! 2018 arrived keeping the friaca that settled almost 2 weeks ago here by Ottawa. The temperatures did not mark anything above…