• Playmobil Face Mask

    Playmobil COVID-19 Mask

    Playmobil invented a COVID-19 mask to protect their employees from the disease, and are how offering the same mask to the public. It is a reusable and washable mask, with a very interesting design. And they are donating 1€ from each…

  • Opel Zoo

    Opel Zoo | Attractions around Frankfurt

    Not only because we have children, but unveiling the attractions in Frankfurt and the region is one of our short-term priorities. The Opel Zoo in the city of Kronberg near Frankfurt was a good start. And the possibilities are endless, many…

  • Daily Life

    Health system in Germany | A summary

    Of the many things we had to research and learn about this move to Germany, were the various types of insurance (Diego wrote a post about it included) and the health system was one of the most important things, since health…

  • Daily Life

    New York City

    I ended up never posting the photos of the trip, although it was difficult to capture all the moments, due to the daughter to the strip and the city totally taken by tourists, since it was a week before Christmas. New…