Alice – 2 years old

A few days ago our little girl turned 2. What a great adventure it's been since she came to complete our lives. We can't imagine our life without her. 
Alice is more and more talkative every day, she speaks 80% in Portuguese and understands everything we speak in English and Portuguese. We prefer her to learn Portuguese now, having a good base, because in everyday life here will be only English and French. She basically talks everything, with long sentences and everything, we love to hear the conclusions she draws, the stories she tells and the things she remembers after a long day. Alice is almost without diapers, only using to sleep at night (but that is also in the phase of elimination, on her own) and will start in a part-time school next week (because I start working, surprise!).
Our party in celebration of alice's 2 years was very Canadian-Brazilian style hehehe. Canadians do not make wedding style parties / super productions for children, as many do in Brazil. The party takes place in the family home or somewhere rented (schools, community centers etc.) and last a maximum of 3 hours. In our case, although we are in a rhythm of change already, we set up the house and decorate with one of Alice's favorite characters, Minnie and yes, the party lasted well over 3 hours. All made by ourselves, well handmade. 
I want to thank my parents who gave a helping hand in preparation and during the party. Thanks!! 
Alice loved everything, had fun with the guests, ate countless brigadeiros (much more than I would like, but it's worth), hugged the babies, played with the little friends and wanted us to sing the congratulations endlessly.
Alice we love you in a lot!! Happy birthday little girl!
Dress matching the decoration made by Grandma Bia
Table ready – almost everything made by us – including the cake!

Some of the souvenirs

Personalized sweets and drinks… she deserves it!
Our happy birthday girl…
Photo pause!

With Grandpa Walmor and Grandma Bia

Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to you – of course!

Time for the little velinha!
More details – this cake was monstrous big, but I think it was approved…

Kisses and towards 3 (please, pass slowly, time!!)