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Boston – Massachusetts | Part III

Oh my God, if the Boston posts have 3 parts, i don’t even want to see the ones from Chicago… but it’s okay…  

Last day of sightseeing, we booked the morning to visit the places left on our list, which was summed up at the famous Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.

Although they are located in Cambrigde, a nearby city of Boston, they are well accessible to Boston residents, as cities are separated by bridges (such as Ottawa from Gatineau), all part of the Boston metropolitan area.

I don’t know why I thought differently, but we were surprised by the infrastructure of these study centers. Super organized, several student buildings, some buildings designed by renowned architectural offices and several leisure areas.

It seems that in addition to you going out with a world-renowned diploma from there, you still have fun… Hehehe

After all that, we took our way back home. Everything was going very well, until we arrived at the Canadian border, we came across a huge queue, 100% quebecois, returning home.

Only an hour after we managed to cross the border and back to our dear Canada…  

Streets of Boston
Institute of Contemporary Art
Diego holding the structure in balance… what a force huh! Hehehe
Quincy Market Food Court
Quincy Market (back and in search of the frame)
Already in Cambridge, seen from Boston across the river.
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Wow!! Loved.. Stata Center – MIT building designed by architect Frank Gehry
Stata Center, New Year
Simmons Hall – MIT – Diego snooping around the entrance… Hehe
Simmons Hall – Where’s Wally
Harvard Stadium – American football
Harvard Stadium, New
Harvard University – one of the centers…
Chapel (1959) – Harvard
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Another Harvard building – this younger one.. Hehe
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Memorial Hall, New
So that’s it, people, a little bit of our trip to Boston. We really like to know this city that is one of the oldest in the U.S., as well as Philadelphia.
Oh, we take advantage of the post and the fact that today is 9/18 (right in the middle of two birthdays), to wish congratulations to Ari (20/09) and Lourdes (16/09)! Much happiness, health, love, etc. etc. Even though we’re not personally there to celebrate with you, we’re in thought (and Skype. Hehehe). 🙂
Kisses and thanks for patience … Hahaha