Day 2 – Banff Part I

This post could be from the senta series that comes photo … Hehe… So much even, it will be divided into two parts, ok!

Saturday was a day of many emotions, seriously, I can’t remember a day with more beautiful scenery, the breathtaking ones. Even taking your breath away literally, because we walked just that day, city, mountain, canyon, mountain up and down. And it was exactly on Saturday that the largest number of photos were taken, about 325. Eita busy finger! Hehe
For those who did not miss the post of day 1 of the trip, you will know that we spent the night in Calgary and plan to leave early for Banff, which is approximately 128km from downtown Calgary.
And after a certain amount of travel, we’ve already begun to see the cordilherias of the Canadian Rockies, called the Canadian Rockies. It’s a show of horizon.

First photo of the Canadianrockies

Then the mountains begin to grow before our eyes and then they didn’t stop…

Along the way, we stopped quickly in the city of Canmore, but I was clicking madly for almost the entire route, each mountain was a click, just imagine.

Canmore – AB

Soon after we arrived at Banff National Park, which is all this area that goes from before Banff to just after Lake Louise. It is worth noting that you have to pay entrance, including counting the number of days you will be inside the park. A car with 2 or more people pays $19.60 a day.
And finally Banff, which has about 6700 inhabitants and is always crowded with tourists. We heard Brazilians in droves over there, I think it was a tour or something.

At the entrance to the city…
View of Banff Avenue – charming place!!!
Another one from Banff Avenue and in the background to Cascade Mountain
Wedding in the gazebo…
Diego heading towards Cascade Mountain – left
Bow lake – the same as the photo in this post – right
The flowers and the mountain

After a few walks through the center, we went uphill towards Banff Gondola. From there, you climb Sulphur Mountain, via cable cars. I froby! Every day I find myself more afraid of heights, but the good thing is that the landscape compensated.

First view of our cable car #033… Hehe

Just one thing to say: Oh my God!! At the top – 2451m above sea level

Diego resgidd… (I’ll see if I can put together a little video, sometime)
Owner of the world… Hehe
Photo with timer…
At the top of Banff Gondola
Curiosity – Sulphur Mountain is 670 m high…
Legs I want you for. on the right.
In the background in the photo on the right is where is the top of the cable car …

 Find Diego if you can… Lol
View of Sanson’s Peak

If I’m not mistaken this is the Bighorn sheep and she wasn’t a tourist…

Down there is the town of Banff involving Tunnel Mountain.

And finally, more mountain ranges… 

Next post brings the second part of Banff… there’s still a lot to come, wait…