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Disney California Adventure…

After our visit to New Orleans, our next stop was Los Angeles, California. Our plans included visiting the city, going to the coast, and going to nearby Disney parks in Ananhein.
It may be my innocence or just lack of knowledge, but I didn’t know until recently that Disneyland is the original park, planned by Walt Disney, there in the early 50s (while the Florida complex only opened in 1971). There are two parks in the region, Disneyland that opened in 1955 and Disney California Adventures, opened in 2001.
Following the weather forecast, we booked the first 2 days in the region, to visit the parks. But to make up for a delay in the park’s computers, we ended up winning a free 3rd day and of course, we ended up reorganizing plans to enjoy another day in the magical world (since it is so expensive right). Alice certainly didn’t complain! 🙂
But let me tell you, even though it’s theoretically low season, the parks were a lot fuller than I expected. They’re a lot smaller than the ones in Florida, but you can’t quietly not see the day go by. Alice loved the attractions a lot, especially those of Frozen, but of course, spending the day at 1000 per hour tides anyone. When we arrived at the hotel at night, everyone would fall “passed out” in bed.
They say you can even walk from some hotels nearby, but our hotel was about 15/20 minutes away, so our access was as follows: park the car, join the gang and take the tram (little train). The tram leaves near the main entrance, the parks are right in front of each other, just look and choose which one you’re going to. Nearby is downtown Disney, with several restaurants and shops.
We tried to get there early, as soon as the parks opened, to enjoy more. The weather helped and we were able to visit a good part, possible with 2 small children (one of them being a baby of 2 months right- /)

First day, we went to Disney California Adventure. We chose this one because it has more frozen stuff, which Alice loves. The day was beautiful and I think everyone had the same idea… Hehehe. Frozen’s two main attractions were the show and “Meet and Greet” with Anna and Elsa, which was the highlight of tooooda the trip, according to Alice. 🙂

We tried to get FastPass to the attractions we had the most interest in and helped a lot with the queues. Many of the attractions I could not go with Diana, but the ones that allowed, I put her in the sling and was, overall, super quiet.

Below goes my attempt to select the best photos, still are very many for a single day:

In line, waiting for the park to open… what a good sun!
Hoping to start the disney junior show – Live on Stage
She didn’t want to leave Anna and Elsa.
Us and Flik from bug’s life
Alice in her lap – 90% of the time – we don’t know what’s gotten into her – gives her column!
Diana behaved super well and did vaaarias naps …
We couldn’t take pictures with Doc McStuffins – but still Alice chased her and clicked!
Access to the Frozen show – our Anna (credits to Grandma Bia, who made the dress! – won many accolades)
Wow! We sing all the big hits in the movie… us and the whole audience…
Family reunited
Cable car and Alice on lap – again
We die laughing at these spinning ladybugs
Bug-shock – the name according to these two there…
Alice showing a gift she got from an admirer – seriously – a little boy gave her the lollipop..
Everything so beautiful…
Let’s give the roundworms ropes…
Little face of her looking at the dream come true …
Alice talking to Anna and Elsa – /
Diana also enjoyed the visit…
One of the many times Diana was so hung… and then, in line with the Ferris wheel
Family on ferris wheel
Alice slept still in the park and only woke up the next day…

Next post comes our two days at Disneyland and thousands more photos!
I intend to write one about traveling with children and babies, so wait…