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Epcot | 2017

Night at Epcot – beautiful colors!
My gosh, these posts are extending too much! The last post comes out next Friday, about Hollywood Studios, so be sure to come back!
I think this globe is fabulous – we did the tour in there at Spaceship Earth
I love the care of gardens and sculptures at Epcot
Daisy Epcot
Hizinho to Daisy / Daisy right at the entrance of the park
Gang arriving at Epcot
So, penultimate park that I come to address today is the EPCOT and I will say, it is one of my favorites too, but for different reasons.
The girls had fun, but we couldn’t get a spot on Frozen Ever After, which besides having no fastpass available, the toy was in trouble that day. It’s a good thing our strategy is usually not to promote things too far in advance and thus not generate so much anxiety in them. 
In the end, they loved seeing Anna and Elsa in person at the Royal Sommerhus in the Norway area. Diana, especially, who had only seen when she was a little little baby of 3 months, did not know what to do and was a little atonic (hahahah).
Royal Sommerhus in Norway – back there is the arendelle-inspired cottage and where Anna and Elsa are staying for visitation
Anna and Elsa
Anna and Elsa
I personally love the area of the countries and would like to have the time and stomach to taste all the delights of specialized cuisine of each country (I think i would need several visits, after all there are 11 countries). We walk through most countries very superficially, which is a shame, but it’s worth booking things for the next time we’re there. 
We travel quickly through Mexico (we love the atmosphere inside the Pyramid Maya and the boat ride – Grand Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Cabaleros), Germany, Italy, Canada and France and you can even feel a taste of being right there.
Mexico Pavilion, Mexico
Grand Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Cabaleros inside the Mexico Pavilion (pyramid)
Bela is usually near or in front of the French pavilion
Oh Canada! as it’s called the Canadian pavilion – we think it’s beautiful. There’s even a waterfall!
Oin how beautiful!
We really enjoyed the Nemo and Friends area, with the aquariums with various fish and other marine animals (we love to see the real Nemo and Dory). Inside is also The Seas with Nemo & Friends, which everyone in the family could go to, and Turtle Talk with Crush (turtle from Nemo’s movie) that was surprisingly cool (Diego was the one who liked it the most.. hehehe) and the mini-playground-exposure of nemo’s movie sharks as well, the area calls Bruce’s Shark World.

Nemo & Friends

Bruce’s Shark World

For the first time, I managed to go to Soarin’ and took Alice with me, she loved “flying” all over the world (so much so that I wanted to go twice).
Stop to meet Sadness and Joy!
We finished the evening with a dinner scheduled at Coral Reef, one of the restaurants within the park. This was the only one we booked and the only restaurant with normal table service (the others were self-service type). As I said in the other post, I found the place friendly, but we found few options on the menu, a little high value (of course) and not to break the bank account in one meal, we chose to stay with small dishes (were very good) and return to the hotel to rest.
Coral Reef Restaurant
Coral Reef Restaurant
Even The Hollywood Studios – that will be the last, phew!!
Here are those who have passed:

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