United States

New York City – Part 1

Hi all

We're back with news from the States… weekend full of news, we went to New York City for 3 days.
Tell me about it!! What city!! Wow!! I loved it (it was my first visit to the city) and Diego loved also reviewing everything after 10 years. We run during the 3 days in order to visit most of the important and unforgettable sights. Well, here goes a day-to-day of what we did there.
We left Ottawa at 3:00. to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets that gets in the way of the Big Apple. The border with the USA was only 1h30min from here and the passage was super quiet. We present the visa, we answer the basic questions (where it goes, how long it will stay and how long it is taking $), we parked the car that was being inspected, we were taking fingerprints and answer again the same questions to the other officer and in 15 minutes we were back on the road.
We arrived at the Outlet around 10:15 a.m. and we stayed there circling and "spending" until 16h. It was impressive the amount of Brazilians we heard and saw circulating there, it seemed that we are somewhere in Brazil. We then took our way to New Jersey where our hotel was. That was the big rush, we arrived at the hotel at 18:20 and at 20h would start the show Mamma Mia, on Broadway that we had already booked. The detail is that the show was in midtown Manhattan and we were looooonge.
Well, after a lot of positive thinking to catch the bus on time and face a giant traffic jam at the Lincoln Tunnel (which connects New Jersey to Manhattan) and the race from the station to the concert venue, we managed to get there on time… Ufa!! The musical was really impressive and very fun, it was really worth it, I wanted to sing like those people there lol. At the exit we walked in Times Square, we marveled at that bright world and passed some points nearby.
And to finish the Friday, we returned to the hotel, tired of the day full of activities but waiting for the day to come.

We arriving at the Outlets after the trip. Ahh, I forgot to comment that we're in a new car… ebaa!! We switched the Ferrari… Hehe
Deep down the Outlet which had about 220 stores. Calculate right!
Diego leaving faceiro (rsrs) from the North Face store where we bought jackets for the ottawa cold hehe.

On the way out of the musical Mamma Mia

Late Show Studio with David Letterman

Times Square… Look at the mess already (it was almost 11am at night)!

There it is!

NASDAQ Stock Exchange detail in the heart of Times Square
In the next post I promise the photos and reports of Saturday.
I'll see you later.