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Epcot Center, New

Photo Classic Epcot – Alice loved the Minnie and Mickey blue whitings…
First official park we visited was the Epcot Center. We chose him to hear that there were several attractions covered and the weather was a little undecided, but in the end I don't think it rained…
I confess that I do not know how were the queues at the time the park opened, at 9 am, because we always arrive after 11 am in the park. It's just that apparently we're not "moning people" hehehe. You still have to park the car and take a tram (little train) to the entrance of the park, like all Disney parks, but still had enough time to walk through the park and get a good idea of its entirety.
So, on this first day of parks, we didn't know the right way about the FastPass system and how I commented in the past post, or the week off from American schools. Result was long queues and some unvisited attractions.
Alice and grandpas…

Where Ellen's Energy Adventure used to be

Our great little companion

Colorful spring!

Canada Pavilion

Oh, Canada!

Still in Canada…
The FastPass system is very interesting, since it gives you an exact period to ride a toy and therefore eliminate much of the queue and waiting. Inside disney parks there are some places where you take the FastPass (FastPass Distribution) pass where you pass your card/park ticket and the machine will give you a time for you to go to the attraction. When your time arrives, you have 1 hour to go there and "walk" and from that time you can go to another distribution center to get another FastPass for another attraction. 
So, you can not get to the park and get FastPass for all attractions at the same time, you have to go gradually, calculating well the times and number of attractions you want to go. With the busiest attractions, there are times that FastPass is only for the end of the day (even catching early), which makes it impossible to catch other passes for the rest of the day … Sorry if it got confused, but it's worth it.

Diego picking up the FastPasses…

 We went first on Ellen's Energy Adventure (Ellen Degeneres – not in person, of course) which was pretty cool and Alice can go. Speaking of which, our big girl couldn't go to several of the attractions because it's not so big yet, which we expected (most attractions require at least 102cm in height). But as we were in 4 adults, we were able to take turns and enjoy some attractions.
We passed through the area/pavilions of the countries and it was nice to see Canada and feel at home indeed. For the most part, you can eat typical foods,buy souvenirs and listen to the official languages of the countries, and see the replicas of buildings or buildings built in the style of each country. I had the option of drinking delicious champagne in France, spaghetti with meatball in Italy and more. We had lunch in Germany, entitled to hot dog with saeurkraut (sauerkraut!), pretzel and German beer… Yummm



View of China Pavilion Park


Many of the attractions revolve around the future, innovations, civilizations, evolution and technology. This is Epcot.
We also put on Journey Into Imagination with Figment (with Alice), Living the Land (with Alice), Test Track by Chevrolet (me and Diego – very cool, fast, but nothing very radical, I recommend), Spaceship Earth (tour within the sphere of Epcot) and Mission: Space (just me and the Diego and this simulator do not recommend for those who get sick with movement and the like)… Soarin was missing, an interesting simulator that we could not go because of the long lines (long for those who have a 19-month sticker – without great reserves of patience – by the way).
One of the places that Alice stayed with the grandpas, while mommy and daddy went to play in the attractions …
Overall, I think i have a good general idea, but I think it would take more than a day to be able to see everything calmly, explore the region of the countries, for example. Apparently we're going to have to go back there in a few years to review and rediscover… Hehe
Nóis – Alice is there asleep …
Next: Animal Kingdom… rrroooarrr!