Thanksgiving Tour: Parc Omega

We’ve been wanting to visit Parc Omega for a long time, about an hour from Ottawa. The park is in the Montebello – Quebec region and is an area famous for its large Fairmont Le Château Montebello (we passed there in 2010). We decided to go this Thanksgiving weekend, taking advantage that the temperatures are still mild and the days are still not so short.

To start the tour, we had lunch at a local restaurant in Montebello with excellent reviews, Délice Champêtre. There we tasted a handmade hamburger with local Quebec cheese, the traditional poutine and a sandwich with smoked pork, all approved!

Québécois Poutine

Parc Omega offers a safari experience with regional animals and lots of interaction as well. There are about 30 species of animals from various regions, such as forest, prairie, mountain, lake and boreal. We stayed just under 4 hours circling the 10 km of trails (by car) and ended up walking very little on the trails that can be done on foot. 
We couldn’t see all the animals and some of the ones we saw couldn’t even photograph, so there was plenty to do on a next visit.

WHERE: Montebello-QC
WHEN: Open all year round!
HOW MUCH: from $22 to $28 (adults) and from $9 to $15 (children) depending on age and time of year


Access to the park
Lunchbox and convenience store



Among the most famous, black bears and gray wolves are in designated areas, without counting directly with visitors. The cool thing is that they are not cages but large areas of native land where they can feel free. Of course, instead of hunting, they are fed, but at least in this area they are protected from predators (man) and seem well treated.
Wild pigs (i don’t know exactly the name in Portuguese), get loose along the car tracks. Everything so quiet… Hehe
Family of teddy bears – hehehe – actually urson!
The largest of them – more than 2m high
Carrot and bread snack

Gray wolves – meeeedo!
Pack of 13 wolves in this area…
Snack time
Wild Pig (Boar)


The coolest of the animals considered prairie is that the vast majority of them live like this, free, in these beautiful fields. And it’s fantastic to interact with them too, it seems that animals charge tolls in some areas… Kkk. This route can only be done by car and it is not allowed to go down in these areas.
The park sells carrot bags in the convenience store for $2.50 so you can feed the animals. 
We saw many moose, deer, turkeys, bison and some foxes in various areas of the park.

Another veadinho
Paying toll…
Curious and friendly moose
Fox resting by the roadside


Originally from Arctic regions, we were able to meet arctic wolf and fox, reindeer and the other type of hairy ox (but his name is Musk Ox). These should not suffer much from the winter of the region… Kk
Musk Ox
Rena talking to mePh
oto by Keli


We only got this kind of goat from the Alps (mountain) along the way and saw herons, beavers, geese and ducks (lake) through various areas of the park.
Overall, we were surprised by the infrastructure (or lack thereof in a good way) and the size of the park. It’s definitely worth going with more time and getting ready for a picnic in the hot months.
Alice loved interacting and feeding the veadinhos, all very kind and adorable.


Children’s area downstairs convenience store! Approved!
Diversãooo! Eba!

Kisses and see you next time!