4 years in Canada

* Camila: It really is a great power to have sat during the show, although I have only sat about 3 songs in the end.. Hehe… but I wouldn't miss this show if I had to stand up all the time.  🙂
Baby A's name will be revealed when she paints from the outside and we make the official announcement… soon..
**Thank you Pati! You can let anything I ask you even saw!
Thank you Cézar, Valeria, Lara and Ana Clara! – We hope she doesn't be too late and gets close to the scheduled date… See...
Wow, as time goes by fast… so much yesterday that there was no time left for me to come here to record this special moment. 
So that's it, yesterday we did four years in this northern land. We remain certain that we have made good choices since our arrival in 2007, both immigration itself and the city we have chosen to call our (Ottawa/Gatineau) etc. A lot of water has rolled under this New Home raft since then, but I think we've been able to paddle according to the tide and against it in the moments they needed. We knew how to have patience, perseverance and care, but a lot of times to learn and grow in this new country.
We have long felt good at home, everything is familiar, the streets, the people, the language, most of the flavors, the weather, the schedules etc. What does not become familiar as time goes by are the distances of family and friends from Brazil, who do not believe that they are diluted at any time. We did learn to manage homesickness and make it tolerable.
We lack words in Portuguese, miss endings, mix 3 languages in the same spoken paragraph, speak hey??, millions of sorry and thanks, we have a lot more coffee (especially at Tim Hortons, right?!), we made great new friends and we are proud that to call this homeland ours too… 🙂
We hope that the 5th year will be even more special, with the growing family, citizenship in hand and many other good things…
Thanks to everyone who comes here to visit us and follow our adventures and daily life, and many times, to twist for us … Merci! Thanks, i'm sorry. Thank you!
Photos symbol of the city/ region we choose and love – Ottawa-Gatineau – representing each year in Canadian lands:
Year 1 – 09/2007 – 09/2008
Year 2 – 09/2008-09/2009
Year 3 – 09/2009-09/2010
Year 4 – 09/2010-09/2011