Where to buy kids clothes in Canada

Back by the end of last year I added a goal for 2019, which was to give people a reason to return to the blog and to those who periodically seem around here hoping they have new posts. Beknow, I’m trying to get people!

But anyway, last year was intense and with the family increasing, every day it becomes more important for us to save money with purchases. Another goal for the year is to reduce the things we have at home, which involves doing many things and above all, not buying new ones. Minimalism is settling in my life more and more. But of course, it’s not just being minimalist out of mouth and it’s also not the need to have something. It is to buy conscious, to buy because it is necessary (for real) and to be objective.

But anyway, with 5 people to wear and put on and especially with most of these people in the growing phase, I try to be creative when shopping involving clothes and shoes.   

I think there are those who have lived here for some time already have a very different view in the face of shopping. I remember well when I came to Canada for the first time and was dazzled by the opportunity to have something that in Brazil was unfeasible (because it was absurdly expensive or not even had). Today, for more than 11 years here, my attitude is quite different and less “emotional”.  

My tactic is to buy if i have it on sale and if I’m really in need/have use or right destination for that item. And usually the things with better promotions are the season that is ending, so it is worth thinking about the distant future, depending on what it is and take advantage of the lower price now, to use a year from now. It goes for both physical and online store. In fact by the websites of the stores, the options are even bigger generally, only the issue is not being able to taste or take the same hand and make sure.  

My favorite stores in the promotion issue are as follows:

#1 – JOE FRESH – this clothing and footwear brand is from the LOBLAWS network, so you’ll find within it and the RCSS (Real Canadian SuperStore) here in Ottawa. There are always discounted items, especially in the area of children’s things.
Things are super cute and of good quality, great for children to use in school and also in parties.

#2 – WINNERS/MARSHALLS – these stores sell things from various brands, including “renowned” things. There are always several options of gifts, clothes, accessories and things for home on sale. It is worth panning, observing and taking if it is to the liking and is necessary, of course. The downside, shall we say, is that it does not stock, that is, next week that items may be over and never come back. They are products in small quantities and sometimes even unique parts, but sometimes you find great things for a fraction of the original price.

#3 – H&M – I love a lot of things in this store and also always have items with the label beautiful promotion red. As I always do, I visit the store and take a general look at the promotional items to see if something is interesting for the near future or an event / trip we have. I don’t always go out there with something, but I’ve already made an online purchase of 16 items, for everyone here from home (except the dogs) for $80 with fees included already.

#4 – WALMART – I don’t think Walmart solves all the problems with shopping. I usually leave there thinking that the bill came out higher than I expected. But there is clothes and shoes with legal prices, even if not always “on sale” itself. The George brand, is one of the most present there, and is from Walmart itself. It has a lot of nice little thing for kids and it’s worth considering.

Well, I hope it helps there to save a few $ so much if you are visiting or already reside here by the icy lands of the north (which we hope will thaw soon, but in January is still dreaming too much … hehe).