Algonquin Park at the holiday…

Day 19 was Victoria Day holiday here and we took the opportunity to meet friends Carol and Luciano and another lively group of Brazilians and escape a little to the bush. Yes, we rent cottages on the edge of Little Hawk lake, about 40 minutes from Algonquin Park in downtown Ontario and about 3.5 hours from here in Ottawa. Diego and Luciano baptized the place by jumping into the lake on a morning that was 8ºC, eita courage!
Algonquin Park is Canada's most popular provincial park and is home to about 2,400 lakes, 1,200 km of streams and rivers, mostly formed by glacier thawing in the last ice age. Still, the park is the destination of many people who like camping, canoeing, hiking etc… 
We could not explore so much, but you can see that the park is beautiful and worth a visit. We even got to see some of the illustrious locals, the Moose (Moose), one of Canada's symbol animals.
Foot on the road

Little Hawk Lake, New

View from our chalet – not bad
Entering Algonquin Park – have to get a permit

Alice tasting hats – oops the photo on the left is actually a little pot of pet water

Moose – Alce

Moose staring at us!

Alice and the teddy bear (ceramic)

Canoe and Kayak

Trekking in Algonquin Park

Everybody gathered!

Talk around the campfire…

Campfire with marshmallows..