Alice – 6 years old

Visiting the Colosseum in Rome

Our firstborn completed 6 years at the end of September and as we went to travel well on her day, ended up not leaving the post here before, but of course, could not help talking about this very special moment for her and our whole family. Because I count each year as a great milestone in childhood, given how much each child develops from one year to the next at that age.

Alice remains a super energetic, curious and humorous girl. She also has moments when she is angry and stubborn, but which child is not at that age right.
We love her conversations about various things, her observations of the world and the nonsense she talks about as well. We love the declarations of love without asking, the endless hugs she wants and gives and see her little world expand with every trip, every week at school, to every new friend she makes.
On the morning of the anniversary – before leaving the trip…
Ready to board – commemorative brooch and all!

You've already lost two teeth and you're about to lose your third. Keep loving toys, watching TV, coloring, drawing and watching YouTube. It makes friendships super easy, is very spontaneous and specializes in drama (for most situations, whether good or not so much).

Her menu remains super restricted (because she doesn't want to taste new things, even with a lot of insistence), but at least she likes plenty of vegetables and fruits. Her latest discovery is sparkling water. Hehe

The photos are part of our recent trip through Italy, France and Spain…. our traveler!

All the strawberry ice cream in the world!
Alice in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Medici Palace in Rome
Alice, keep this beautiful girl inside and out. Continue with this spontaneity and energy. We love you to the end!