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Boston – Massachusetts | Part I

I’ll finally post the pictures of Boston, not that it’s been as long as we went (2 weekends ago) but the fact is we went that last weekend to Chicago.

Yes, another lightning trip and with lots of pictures. We had already scheduled this trip since April, I think, that was when we bought tickets from U2, which played there on Saturday.

Well, that’s all, it’s history for another post in the not-too-distant future. See the first post from Chicago here!

So, Boston. On the weekend of the holiday (September 7 is labor day in Canada and usa), we went to celebrate Diego’s birthday traveling.. Wow!…

The destination chosen half in the last hour was Boston, since we could go by car (+/- 7 hours of travel) and we still did not know.  

Well, we left shortly after 3 am (with coffee and energy in the bag of supplies hehe), we had left Dexter already the night before the care of our friends Giovana and Márcio (thanks even!!).

Around 5 and a little we arrived at the border with the United States, again for the process of fingerprints, photo and questions, which lasted about 15 minutes (involving the waiting to be attended).

From then on, we were already on American soil, more precisely in the state of Vermont, passing through New Hampshire and arriving in Massachusetts, where Boston is.

We arrived in Boston around 11 am and went straight to check in at the hotel. We stayed at the CharlesMark Hotel and it was pretty cool, both the location and the vibe of the bar/restaurant on the ground floor.

From then on it was quite walking and photos (able!?) along the nice streets of the city.

Our hotel (Charlesmark)

Diego had prepared a map with the various points we would like to visit and so it is easier to organize and not miss a moment of the tour. Boston is one of the oldest American cities and where important study centers such as Harvard University and MIT (in Cambridge) are located. The city is pretty cool, but a lot smaller than we thought.

I’m going to have to split the photos into 3 posts, because, you know… we hardly take pictures … Hahaha. I also thought about putting a link to the album with all the photos, but then no one deserves … Hehe… so are semi-selected and with the proper legend …

Boston Public Library, Boston
Old South Church, Florida
Observatory called Skywalk Observatory – Prudential Tower
View of the residential complexes there from the Boston Skywalk.
Another view of the Boston Skywalk – see information for the visit here.
Trinity Church, New
Newbury Street (main shopping street)
Boston Public Garden, New
Cheers Show Bar
Boston Common (1634, one of the oldest city parks in the U.S.)
Massachusetts State House (massachusetts government headquarters)
Typical Boston Residential Complexes
Boston Celtics (NBA) and Boston Bruins (NHL) Stadium
Boston Celtics, Boston
Bunker Hill Monument Memorial Bridge
Sundae and brooch that Diego won on his birthday at hard rock cafe – with little vein and everything…
Quincy Market, New York
Atlantic Ocean

Part 2 comes next….