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Burlington, New 1000, 20 Vermont: Part I

Last weekend was a holiday, with the Family Day holiday here in Ontario (and President’s Day in the States). We decided to run away from home and spend three days in the state of Vermont, in the States, which borders our old province, Quebec. Our destination was the city of Burlington, which is the largest city in the state, with just over 42,000 inhabitants (and metropolitan area of approximately 211,000 inhabitants), wow, you can see that Vermont is not very populous… 🙂 A lot of people go to Vermont for the good monhanhas for skiing and winter sports, but we were even to relax and enjoy what we could know, without much haste.
We took snow-covered roads that fell for most of the journey of approximately 4 hours, we walked slower more it was all quiet.
Covered roads
— Middle of nowhere —
Snooze needed…
Hello States! We crossed the border through Cornwall-ON
Gas station on the way – You fuel up and then go inside and pay – no soul is out there checking… it’s a lot of confidence!
We arrived at the hotel half afternoon and started the next day, Saturday, at burlington’s center, around Church Street. With a pleasant temperature of -1ºC, we were able to walk around and even go to the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center, walk on the frozen river, Lake Champlain and have lunch in one of the city’s numerous breweries. In short, day was great!
If you think about what a Burlington-VT postcard would look like, that would be…
You want to freeze your – there’s a fun chance…
Colorful mural and telling a little of the history of the city…
I think these murals are so beautiful… interesting way to work a place of passage that would be potentially bland…
Jump in the mall- Alice meets Garfield
Beautiful path near Lake Champlain
Our adventurous traveler..
Yay… Aquarium!
Not wanting to compare but already comparing – not a fifth of the show that is ripley’s aquarium in Toronto.
Happy Alice
Option to play with water – guaranteed fun for children
Look how is this sidewalk in the summer (there in the photo …)
Walking on water.. errrr… ice and snow…
Lake Champlain frozen… brrr
Alice straight from Lake Champlain…
One of the famous breweries in downtown Burlington – The Vermont Pub & Brewery
Princess Alice
More trocentas photos in the post part II – wait…