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Burlington , New 1000, New 1 Vermont: Part II

On Sunday (for those who missed the start of the trip – here's the first part), we took advantage of the pool at the hotel in the morning (after all it was what convinced goldfish Alice that the trip would be, in fact, fun) and then we took the opportunity to know some more sights of Burlington. Nearby, we meet another brewery, The Magic Hat and the Vermont teddy bear factory.
It even looked like a private pool – our only…
It is worth commenting that thermal pools in Canada are beeem cooler than those in Brazil – difficult to enter, at least for me, after it enters is even quiet (for a half-hour, then the chin begins to tremble – lol).
View of the hotel – lots of snow and bush
Ready for more adventures after the pool – happy fish
The Magic Hat Brewery
Alice did the tour with us (5 minutes) and then had tasting (not for her, of course … hehe)
Vermont Teddy Bear Factory
Lots of teddy bears- a lot of…
What's the best moustache???
Alice liked the store and didn't want to take anything – it's or isn't an economical son! hehehehehehehe
Some stuffed animals are filled on time – just choose…
Back to downtown Burlington for our farewell lunch. Another cool restaurant, that's our recommendation if you have to choose just one in Burlington, American Flatbreat Burlington Hearth, super charming place and the pizza with flatbreat was super tasty. Finally, after a few laps by car to visualize a few more points of the city and let a certain young lady take a nap, we set off for the grand-finale, a strategic stop at Ben&Jerry's ice cream parlor on Church St, famous in the States for its delicious and fattening ice creams. What an overdose! 🙂
Photo source
All pizzas/flatbread are made on time and baked in the oven in the background..
Oh, and there's craft beer there to taste… 🙂
Tasting and devouring flatbread pizza
Oh Lake Champlain in the back – freezing
Burlington City Hall – Burlington Town Hall
Building at the University of Vermont
The famous Ben&Jerry's ice cream parlor – which started in Burlington-VT itself…
Alice posing with muuuu
Yummy, New York
Winter lights on Church St,
My burlington postcard 🙂
Alice and Diego have fun on the snow yoered mountain…

Thank you for following firm and strong with us in these posts turned into photos … kisses at all!