Bye-bye for autumn

The month of November is coming to an end and this has to be the fastest 30 days of the year. The end of the year, with its parties and celebrations are just over a month away.
Here for us, the beginning of winter approaches, the snow and the intense cold, things that have its charm, but bring several side effects too (short days, lots of snow, very cold and a sloth size of the whole world …).
Still at the end of October, I went for a walk with Diana here close to home and enjoy the end of the beautiful colors of autumn, since since the leaves have just fallen, most of that colorful all goes together (the walk in the same park in 2014 is here …)
Yes, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons around here! And it's gifting us pleasant temperatures! But now, let's get ready for the monochrome, the white boy who, by the way, arrived today to cover the entire landscape. Here in Ottawa it is expected to snow more from December… See… 🙂

Kisses and even the snowy days! Hehe