Winterlude 2008 and carnival on ice

Rideau Channel frozen and open for skating (in the background)…

Hey, guys!

I quickly post some photos from last week where we went to a Carnival party organized by Brazilians here in Ottawa. It was very fun and had several "foreigners" (Canadians and other nationalities) who joined the party. There was even Brahma beer imported from Brazil for those who missed the Brazilian beer in this hot summer season and holidays for many in the bands there …
And this Sunday we went to Winterlude, which is the winter festival here, with attractions for 3 weeks, including ice sculptures, concerts, channel skating, typical foods among others.
The photos speak for themselves…. Have fun!!

Dressed as Brazilians… Hahahaha

Fernando, Carlos and us

Josi (erechim's neighbor) and I

Christian (from Germany), Albino, Diego, Cris and Adri
It was like this out there. Diego with friends Léo and Josi

In the midst of the snowstorm… 15 hours direct snow =30cm accumulation
Winterlude 2008 – 30th Ottawa Winter Festival

Outdoor ice sculptures

It's like a scene from our beloved Rio Grande do Sul! (Just remove the snow from the context hehe)

Ice bar
Festival facilities in the background…

Diego trying to skate… 🙂

Diego realizing it wasn't a good day for this… Hehe

My skating = 50cm per hour

Guys skating fan…