Curious case of infinite winter

True story >>
Spring arrived the other day and honestly no one saw much difference around here. During this week, for a few hours, we had a positive temperature (+3ºC) and we were already driving open glass, wanting to get rid of the coats and such.. what winter doesn't do. Today it made -23ºC of sensation and even the thought froze.
Yesterday we had a little light storm, just not to miss practice. And there goes the family armed with shovels, boots, gloves, burrows and everything, to clean the property. At least we have fun. The temperature was around 0ºC and the conditions for snowmen and snow ball fight were great, wet snow, easy to compact. The snowman didn't want to be photographed.

Good week to all and I hope this is the last post of snow for a long time … 🙂

Dogs have fun!