Charlottetown , New Ville PEI Province

We had heard and read several super cool things about the province of Prince Edward Island and I confess that perhaps it would have been interesting to have explored more of the four corners of the island, but we actually had 2 and a half days and tried to do the best we could, considering our possibilities.

Leaving Moncton, we drove for just over 30 min to get to know the Shediac area, as I wrote in Moncton‘s post. The tour was cool was on the way and soon we headed to the iconic bridge between New Brunswick and PEI, the Confederation Brigde, inaugurated in 1997, is 12.8km long and is the largest on freezing waters, and that by the way is impressive even. You don’t pay anything for the crossing in that direction, but before that, be sure to stop at the Cape Jouriman National Wildlife Area, there are beautiful views of the bridge from there.

At certain points you don’t see the end of confederation bridge
Smooth crossing without any congestion
One sees a lot of this in the province of Prince Edward Island – fields and more fields
On the first full day in Charlottetown, we decided to explore the city and quickly pass through the center and charming little places. We found the city well organized and clean, with some nice places to walk around, and you can see everything in one afternoon. There are shops and souvenirs on one of the best known books in Canadian literature, Anne of Green Gables and almost everything can be visited on foot as the center is not very large. Since it was Diego’s birthday on the first day, we tried to pick a very traditional restaurant in town for the celebratory lunch. The chosen one was Lobster on the Wharf, full of lobster dish options and even a shop selling next door, namely freshly caught fish and seafood and well-local dishes.
Does every year be a different sculpture or just exchange the last number even… that’s the question… Hehe
Friendly streets of Charlottetown
Cathedral and town hall – charm!
Plus cute little places – colorful houses
Another shop with souvenirs from the book Anne of Green Gables
Parliament of Pei
Lobster on the Wharf – approved
Birthday girl of the day
Lobster xis – but has traditional hamburger together
Lobsters for sale

In the remaining time on the island, we strolled north, along the coast, to get to know some of the beaches and places best known. We stopped at cavendish beach, North Rustico and other lesser known, however, all super quiet and with few people at this time of year. We also quickly passed through the area that inspired the book I quoted above, Anne of Green Gables, where is a museum and trail for visitation.
And of course, halfway through, we tried to find a lot of headlights, one of the most photographed things in PEI. I confess that I found it harder than I imagined, since many were in places of difficult access by car. We ventured into some and it was even funny, but it was worth it.
The province of Prince Edward Island, really, is a place full of natural beauties, bucolic and almost as if they were standing in time, amazing as Canada has such distinct landscapes.

Finally, we basically only traveled the north of the island and had no time or availability to know the other corners that should also be beautiful. We didn’t have a beach day properly, because we found the water cold for the girls (but Alice liked it the same), and we didn’t bring all the beach junk in the suitcase.
We found it amazing so many long beaches, the reddish/orange brown sands and so empty, especially since the water temperature was relatively cold and we were already at the end of summer. I imagine that in the middle of July, there are more people enjoying the region and its beauties.
I must remember that there was not always cell signal in the farthest places, so using the offline map on mobile is kind of a mandatory thing, or of course, a paper map.

To finish, on the way to Halifax, we crossed the Confederation Brigde again, now in the opposite direction and then you need to pay the toll of $44 per vehicle. My tip is to stop at the convenience area after the toll booth, but before the bridge starts, it has beautiful views of the bridge (we only came too late and couldn’t stop).

Bucolic view – fishing village in PEI
Anne of Green Gables Museum
Anne of Green Gables souvenir shop and book-inspired dolls
One of the hard-to-reach lighthouses we visited… you couldn’t get by car around… just on foot…
Flowery field, lighthouse and ocean… perfect combination
Fishing village by the way
Cavendish Beach – perhaps because it was late summer, it wasn’t full…
Atlantic Ocean in Cavendish
Mermaid enjoying the sand in Cavendish
Beautiful landscapes in Cavendish, but Alice really liked the water (cold)
Beautiful landscapes along the coast – not all with easy access
Facing dirt road to find a lighthouse… Meanwhile, Alice jokes that she is a driver…
We just put our feet in the water
Alice already wanted to put bikini on, no matter if the water wasn’t hot
Beautiful landscapes
Green and beach – beautiful combination
Strategic lunch stop – Captain Scott’s Seafood Restaurant
If you stop by Captain Scott’s Seafood Restaurant in New Glasgow near Cavendish, look for our design! hehehe – The walls are crowded with them..
Lobster roll at Captain Scott’s Seafood restaurant – one of the specialties… and so much french fries (even too much)
Stop for some local delicacies – this shop is next to the Cows ice cream factory – where you can visit the premises and shop
Famous soda here – i haven’t tasted it, but it says it’s good…
Cow’s factory, famous ice cream chain in PEI and New Brunswick – delicious ice creams even
Super approved
A few more deserted beaches along the way
Photo without filter – it’s beautiful anyway
Best preserved lighthouse we find
Fishing and water sports area
Landscapes abound in PEI
No footprints
It does look like a movie image
Returning to New Brunswick on the way to Nova Scotia… PEI bye

Coming soon, Halifax – Nova Scotia