Hopewell Rocks | New Brunswick

High tide at Hopewell Rocks
I decided to make a special post for our visit to Hopewell Rocks because the place is really unique. Not only by the peculiar nature and the stones of unique shapes, but by the best known aspect of the place, the biggest tidal change in the world. And I confess that it is almost hard to believe that the level of water and well say, the whole landscape, change so much in a matter of a few hours.
Across the Bay of Fundy or Bay of Fundy, approximately every 6 hours there are many meters of water that go and then come back, creating low tide and high tide. On the way to Hopewell Rocks Park, we could see almost every bed in the bay on display, as if it had had a great drought. Very crazy to see.
The entire area is part of Hopewell Rocks park and is about a 40-minute drive from Moncton. The Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Visitor Centre is where there is access to the site of the stones and visitation is open from mid-May until mid-October. Adults pay CAD$10, children from 5 to 18 pay CAD$7.25 and 4 years or less is free. The infrastructure is good, with a café, small museum, souvenir shop, bathrooms and a playground for children.
At low tide, you can walk on foot on the “bottom of the sea” and on the high, you can kayak and /or enjoy the coffee-colored waters with milk from the top of the viewpoints. To get an idea, on the day we visited, the high tide was 12.8 meters, but each day is different, both the amount of water and the times of the tides, so the best thing is to check the table available here. There is an ideal visitation time which is usually 3 hours after the start of low tide, but it is possible to start the tours just before that.
We arrived at Hopewell Rocks just after the peak of high tide, i.e. when the water was already slowly receding. Still, we could see most of the covered stones and no sign of the “bottom of the sea” where we would walk. We chose not to rent kayaks, because with the two small stickers it just wasn’t feasible.
We decided to wait another 2 hours and be able to walk there, which was a great decision, because the tour was amazing. The rock formations are beautiful and yields a good gymnastics walk, especially with girls.
Access to Hopewell Rocks Park
Xisss, Xisss
Is it water or coffee with milk?
The Bay of Fundy and its vast expanse
Trail is done like this… hehehe – glad that on the return we took a ride available on site for $2 per person, per descent or climb.
Hopewell Rocks at Low Tide
Walking on the seabed with one backpack behind and another in front
It looks like a total mud, but in fact the soil has quite boulders and it is possible to walk tennis and not get too dirty (with some places in exception – which Alice made a point of finding for us – hehehe)
Alice loved exploring the stones, climbing, jumping and hiding
Nature spectacle
It does look like a flower bowl the stone on the right
Of course, a family portrait…
Stepping on the hairs of the stones – according to her
Mini girls in mini cave
Flower Pot Rocks
More information will appear in the video of the trip, wait – it’s getting super fun …
Next stop, pei province!