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Chicago – Illinois | Part II


The weeks have been flying in this land from leaves to wind. yes, it's really autumn.

I even have to take some pictures to show you the beautiful colors of autumn around here. Temperatures have been fluctuating, last week made 1ºC in the early morning and 4ºC in time for me to go out to the stop. Another novelty is that we now have fence on the property (hahaha… almost a latifundium), so we can release the Dex to run done crazy, which is what he likes most to do lol. That's when it's not raining or too humid, since it's been raining constantly around these parts.
I've also bought some ornaments for the upcoming Halloween, even costume for the Dex I bought (santa Dollarama!). When the decoration is ready I put here, okay!?  

Well, back to focus, Chicago! Second day of tours in Chicago was suuuper productive. We visited a bit of everything from planetarium, museum, aquarium, observatories, bus tour and more.

We took advantage of a lot of our Go Chicago card (I quoted in the previous post). Here are the photos with the brilliant respective comments.

The famous Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower) with its 108 floors (442m)
Observatory at Sears Tower – Skydeck (on the 103rd floor)
New glass balcony on skydeck – on the 103rd floor (412m)
Amazingly!! I levitated… Hehehe
Diego and Ivan found Obama in the tower souvenir shop
Playing inside the elevator… pretty fast by the way
That's right there. we were up there… in the little bag there ô…
Beautiful view of Chicago (Sears/Willis Tower on my left)
Diego and his superhuman strength, holding the city…
It looks like ocean but it's Lake Michigan
Adler Planetarium – where we saw the show "Cosmic Collisium" – pretty cool
Shedd Aquarium (Ju, Ivan and i)
Shedd Aquarium – had belugas, penguins, sea lion, rainforest animals (cited Brazil a lot etc)
In the background, the Soldier Field Arena, where the U2 concert was.
Bunckingham Fountain – there since 1927
The Field Museum – where we passed flying.
In the photo, me and Sue (the most complete, largest and most famous T.Rex in the world… according to them)
For chocolate lovers: Hershey's shop
Another observatory, now the Hancock Center – 100 floors (344m)
Beautiful view of Lake Michigan
Wow… that liindo!
View of the marina
Buildings and the lake
Brazilian steakhouse – That's not the one we went to, the one we went to was close to there, the barbecue was super expensive tasty …
On the way back to the hotel, the evening…
View of the city and one of the canals of the Chicago River. Romantic no!?

Because that's it my people, for today, still have part 3 (aff …). I hope you enjoyed it and were able to get an idea of what the city is.

Kisses and even…