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Chigago – Part III


First Happy Thanksgiving for the here and Happy Day of Our Lady Of Our Aparecida / Children's Day for those there.

It's late, but it's worth it.

It's just that we've been traveling (ah able?!) last weekend and we've been offline.

The reports of this findi will come in a future post telling about our going to Lake George and Saratoga Springs in the state of New York, once again in the States, accompanied by a dear family friend of ours. So wait and trust…  

Phew, until at last comes the end of the Chicago saga… Hehehe. Well, for those who haven't been there yet, I think you can get an idea of what the city is. I, with my excellent skill of selection, managed to "select" almost 30 photos to illustrate the last day of our visit. I was looking at the photos and thinking that each one had a detail, even if small, to add to the story, and so the album was created.. Well hehehe, Monday was a light day up, early we walked towards the Navy Pier take a boat ride down the Chigago River, whose theme was architecture. Cool right?! The tour lasted 1 hour and the guide on board was telling facts, stories and data from the various buildings along the river. For those who do not know, Chicago is well known for its architecture and more specifically, for its illustrious architects. We also took the opportunity to taste the famous Deep Dish pizza from Chicago (which claims to be one of the typical dishes of the city) there by the same Navy Pier, and I noticed that it is just a pizza with a thicker dough and with more edge (not stuffed). It was good, but it wasn't unheard
of. We returned on foot by another way, to the logo of Lake Michigan, a kind of bike path and we poured into Millenium Park, where I could not contain myself and took some more trocentas rsrsrs photos. We took advantage of the nearby and went to the Art Institute of Chigago (lightning visit) and soon we returned to the hotel, pick up the bags, take the train to the airport and stay there waiting for the flight, which was quiet to Ottawa.   Below are the pictures below:

Chicago River
Us and Chicago in half ball
Navy Pier – said to be the main tourist spot of Chigago, includes mixed-use spaces with amusement park, pier with departure of tourist and private boats, shops etc.
View of the city
At the beginning of the tour
Building that looks like a glass of perfume or a bottle of drink
Water fountain
Marina Towers, New
Marina Towers – on my left
One of the many bridges over the river
Sears/Willis Tower
Sears Tower and its opposition
Each floor of this building (the concrete) is unique, creating this relief mix of concrete and glass.
Playing wheel
Shops and food court
The One from Deep Dish Pizza
Diego Sailor
Bike path on the way back to the hotel
BP Bridge – Millenium Park again
Jay Printzker Pavillion in the background
Chicago Theater, Chicago

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