Ottawa Weather | Month by Month

Ottawa, the Canadian capital and also the city we call home around here.

From our early days here, when people discover that we are immigrants and more precisely, from which country we come from, we have always been asked how we adapted or what we thought of Canada's climate. And of course, many people who come to Ottawa for tourism, ask us the best times, how are the days, the level of cold or heat etc. Any
way, climate is a popular subject.

The weather comments this year here in Ottawa are being that we haven't even had summer. Everybody says that. The fact is that yes, we had summer, but very atypical, bringing so many rains, mild temperatures and the end of summer approaching faster than we would like (there were mornings in late August that we woke up with 10ºC of temperature).

I'm glad last week the heat has come back and we're all happy again. Hehe

Usually the climatic seasons are well defined here, being the harsh winters (with an average of 2.24cm of snow per season, and about 22cm remains on the ground during the cold months and with 41 days where the thermal sensation is below -20ºC) , spring and autumn snares (but with large variations depending on the year) and hot and humid summers (11 days a year, on average, reach more than 30ºC).

Ottawa is ranked among the coldest capitals in the world and according to some surveys, is 7th on the list, with an average annual temperature of 5.5ºC.

I thought of doing a general overview of the I consider the most important features of each month of the year considering the weather in Ottawa. Since, other Canadian cities may have a very different summary, such as Vancouver, which is there on the other side of Canada and even Toronto that is much closer (4-5h drive from here only).

Starting from the beginning of the year:


Return home in January – there are days when chaos predominates… Hehe.. and delays are almost inevitable..

That month that starts having face of vacation and beach for those who are in Brazil, here could not be more different (unless you escape to a beach away). Here also have the hangover post end of the year and I will confess, the short days, cold and snow do not help so much no…. People here call January a month. Temper
atures are permanently low and is, on average, the coldest month and the snowiest in the whole year. Early evening too, before 5 pm, which for tourism is not ideal, I would say.


-6ºC to -15ºC

(may also give peaks of 15.6 positive and 37.8 negative).


Average of 14 days


Beautiful day at Rideau Canal – open for skating during Winterlude

Shortest month of the year, but it doesn't disappoint with cold and snow. Here in Ottawa we have the winter festival, winterlude, which takes place every February of every year. There's also a good chance the Rideau Canal will be open for ice skating this month. And yes
, it's cold as hell and the days are short, but also have days with beautiful scenery, with everything white, it all depends on your point of view.


-3ºC to -12.5ºC (may also give peaks of 12.7 positive and 38 negative).


Average of 10 days


View of the semi-frozen Ottawa River from the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau

That month that starts spring, but here in Ottawa doesn't necessarily mean any of that. We say there will still be snow this month, cold and the beginning of melting. There are chances of large temperature variations this month which leaves it kind of difficult to plan tours and weather in case you visit the city at this
time. The days finally get a little longer at least, which is great for sightseeing and sightseeing outdoors. You can even ski yet, depending on the year.


2.4ºC to -6.8ºC (may also give peaks of 26.7 positive and 36.7 negative).


Average of 7 days


April snowy – this was at the beginning of the month in 2016.

Now that spring really starts to show up, but you can't just expect mild temperatures all month. Temperatures usually don't fall below freezing anymore, but we've had April with ice and snow rain, so I'd always have a little coat in the bag, in case i come here this season hehe. Another t
hing is that the snow is melting and the streets get dirty, gray and let's say, it's not the most beautiful landscape. It rains a lot until and by the end of the month, everything starts to get blue.


1.5ºC at 11.4ºC (may also give positive and negative 31.2 peaks).


Average of less than 3 days.

verage 11.5 days of rain.


I think May is one of the coolest months to visit Ottawa, because it's all blooming, the temperatures are mild, the days longer and above all, there are the beautiful tulips of the annual Festival here in the city.

Beautiful tulips at Dow's Lake


8ºC at 19ºC (may also give peaks of 35.2 positive and 7.2 negative).

WAlmost zero chance of snow (flurries) in May.


Average almost 15 days of rain.


Summer coming, great temperatures and long days (nightfall at 9 pm and little at night). I think it's a great combination of conditions to visit Ottawa. The only thing is that flights here are typically more expensive in the sum
mer. This month also begins the school holidays here and many people go on vacation with the family.


13.3ºC at 24.1ºC (may also give peaks of 37.7 positive and zero).


Average almost 12 days of rain.


All flowery here close to home

Summer summer, season of churrasquinhos, city a little more empty (because many people go on vacation) and heat, enough heat (except for this last summer – which has not even finished properly, but was atypical).


15.7ºC to 26.6ºC (may also give positive peaks of 3.3 to 37.8).


Average almost 11.5 days of rain.


Andrew Hayden Park, New York

Another great month to come to Ottawa. The average rainfall is a little smaller and still makes a yummy heat, great for walks, meet parks or beat leg even.


14.5ºC to 24.4ºC (and may also give positive peaks of 1.1 to 37.8).


Average of 11 days with chance of rain.


Close to home – admiring the colors

It seems like repetition, but seriously, another fantastic month to visit Ottawa. Now begins the autumn and has great chances to see the beginning of this beautiful season, colorful leaves and catch a slight Arctic breeze (hehe – that a long sleeve or a vest already solve), but no chance to see snow yet.


10.1ºC at 20.5ºC (may also give positive 36.7 to negative 4.4) peaks).


Average of 12 days with chance of rain.


Our street – last year

I say this month is a good idea not to like so much cold, but still want to feel a bit of the Canadian climate and admire the colorful landscapes of this month. The plants are at the peak of the colors, have a little soft cold (most of the time) and even have a chance of a few snow flakes.


4ºC to 12.8ºC (may also give positive 29.4 to negative 12.8) peaks).


Average of 14 days with chance of rain.


1 day on average with chance of snow/flurries (snow flakes that barely accumulate on the ground).


Snowy November

I think this month is a good option for those who want to see cold and possibly snow. I don't think there's been any November in our 10 years here that hasn't had snow, but it hasn't always accumulated hard, as it has been in some of the past y
ears. The days are already much shorter and the temperature is still not that low, prohibitive of tours.


2ºC positive, with peaks of 12ºC to -21ºC.


Average of about 11 days with possibility of rain.


7 days with chance of snow (accumulation of approximately 20cm).


Typical December morning (if it has snowed already…)

I think it's a super tasty month here in Ottawa, because it has the holidays, the shops are decorated and often the houses too. As the cold and snow arrived relatively little by little, everyone here is still happy with the fact that everything is white (if it is already …). One of the special things is Christmas with snow, as in the movies, but it is not the rule, because we have had Christmases "green" when there was not even accumulated snow … just the cold one out there.

And yes, the days arrive at the peak of short, in the beginning of winter in December. 16:30 is already dark and the 5 is already closed night.


-2ºC to -9ºC (with peaks of 8ºC positive at negative 38ºC).


12 days with possibility of snow.

I hope you helped a little in deciding when to come visit Ottawa.

*data according to wikipedia