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Dallas – Texas | Family travel

Okay, Okay, I think I take world already tired of these travel posts that never end. Because today is the last of the series, counting a little of our past, also fast, by Dallas in the American state of Texas.

I thought Dallas filled in that idea I had of Texas before I knew it, that everything is big and broad. And it was in Dallas, the place I saw most elevated, highways and highway conglomerate. I’ve never seen such road exuberance!
One of the important events in the city is that it was there that U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. In the place where the killer committed the crime (from the building from which he shot), there is today a museum in honor of the president, what happened, facts and his legacy. We didn’t think it would be a place that Alice would have a lot of fun, but until she entertained herself with the audio tour, panels and running around there. The museum is very visited and the event marked very much the American history and the people in general.
Dallas University, New Carolina
View of Downtown
The Sixth Floor Museum – Museum on the legacy of JFK, President American assassinated in Dallas in 1963.
The Sixth Floor Museum Building
Lobby do The Sixth Floor Museum
Seen that the shooter had at the time of the murder. The president’s car was doing well in this area.
Reunion Tower, New
In the short time we’ve been in Dallas, we’ve been to Fort Worth, about a 35-minute drive away, where the Stockyards, which is a nationally history area, for its cowboys, rodeos and cattle trade in the past.
Because it was a weekday and with no event going on, the Forth Worth Stockyards was super empty, so you couldn’t feel all the country weather and get out of there in a hat and boot hehehe.
Access portico
I want one of those, mommy!
Old auction building, buying and selling animals
Former train station, today houses several souvenir shops
Alice got in the mood and already rode a bull! Yeeehaahh!
Cowgirl fashion
Our cowgirl
Area goods store – lots of leather, hats, boots and Texan pride
If you go to stockyards, be sure to try a fudge! Oh gosh, what a delight! (sweet as hell! but that’s fudge delight!!)
All I need is the leather jacket and the buoy!
Fort Worth Centrinho – super friendly
Another one of the many highway conglomerates in the region – Who do you think about it, people! Thank you GPS for existing!! 🙂
Because of the rainy weather, we couldn’t walk so much through downtown Fort Worth or even Dallas. It didn’t really work with our girls at the time (especially Diana being so young).
We then took the opportunity to take a tour of the most expensive stadium in the world, AT&T Stadium, dallas football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Diego is already a fan of the sport and the stadium is imposing even, well worth the visit (including architecturally speaking …). The stadium was supposed to cost about 650 million, but ended up costing 1.5 billion (more than double), due to the good and peculiar tastes of the team owner. The Dallas Cowboys are the most expensive team in the world as well, with an estimated value of 2.3 billion dolets. Put my chin together that he’s on the floor and now let me applaud that the place is really show.
Several events take place in the stadium, in addition to football matches.
Then they were preparing for an Olympic gymnastics event.
We walked more than 3km on the tour inside the stadium.
The ceiling is all retractable and the capacity is 85,000 people seated or more than 100,000 if you count the standing seats (you can buy tickets to stand and have the right to wander around during the game)
The big screen is gigantic – look at the little people on the floor to get a notion of scale!
Several private spaces for events, parties and cabins… Bars and many, but lots of places to buy food during events.
Pay close attention to art…
Beautiful mural somewhere in the stadium… (and a young girl not so impressed…)
Ford Motors Lounge – major sponsor
There’s even fountain in the Ford lounge
Administrative area – and with style!
Cabins and private areas
Cheerleaders’ locker room
Dallas Cowboys Locker Room
And it’s not like a family portrait came out – super scared… 🙂
Vision of players when they take the field…
Where’s Alice and Diego?
Thank you guys, for accompanying us on adventures! Thanks for it!
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