Looking for the best neighborhood in your city in Canada

I recently learned of the online tool called Navut and what a great discovery! You have access to hundreds of data (if not more) from almost every major Canadian city (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg), which can make a big difference when choosing a city to live in and the right neighborhood for You.
So I thought about what hand on the wheel navut would have been at the time we were in the polls before coming to Canada. We did a very basic survey, I would say, of Edmonton and Ottawa and ended up choosing Ottawa, but I confess that we arrived here very lost, knowing nothing about any neighborhood, which would be better to facilitate our search for housing, facilitate access to transportation areas of the city where our areas of activity are concentrated and so on.
I remember even that in the taxi we took while still at the airport on the day of arrival here, we did not even know exactly which way was the aparthotel that we had rented for the first month and we came to learn that the neighborhood where it is located was very poorly regarded in terms of security in Ottawa (by Canadian standards). We had no problems, but if we had this info before, maybe we would have changed our plans.
But anyway, Navut is very intuitive and I found it super easy to navigate and play knowing where would be the neighborhoods recommended for our family in other Canadian cities. It was also nice to search ottawa and get to know the rankings of neighborhoods that close with our preferences.
You can filter the data in the above and adjust well for what you're looking for and/or what's most important to you. Here are the questions pertinent to each one:


What is the ideal villa for you? Are you going to rent or buy? What's your budget for that? What kind of villa do you are looking for (semi-detached house, apartment, house etc)?


This goes for families with children in elementary or high school. Do you prefer public school, Catholic public school or other? Which language of choice?

Getting Around (Access)

How important is it for you to live near the center? What about shopping facilities and services? What's your means of transportation going to be like?


Would you rather your neighbors are families? Single? Couples without children or perhaps retired? How important is it that you have a good standard of living and have a college degree?

Neighborhood Quality

How important to you is security, population growth, being urban, having more landlords or tenants and being a newer neighborhood?
All these are super important issues not only for those who will buy, but also for those who will rent. According to its definitions, Navut will present 5 suggestions of neighborhoods that close with the defined criteria.
From there, it is possible to access the profile of the various neighborhoods and have more numerous statistical data to know the place a little better, things like: spoken languages, ethnicity, average annual salary (family), areas of activity, type of buildings, rate of unemployment and even read testimonials from people who live or have been there. You can even see if you have villas for rent or sale on the same site and get professional help from some specialized real estate agents in the neighborhood.
Anyway, overall, amazing to be able to learn so well and get a more complete idea about a particular location, whether you're coming from some other country or moving within Canada yourself.
Thumbs up pro Navut!