Day 4 – Jasper Part II / Edmonton

Again, Loved the comments! It’s been a long time since there were so many in one post! Thanks!!
Well, I’m not going to deny that the photos really looked beautiful, but it’s all the fault of this Canada full of beautiful places… Hehehe.
Also on Sunday night, Diego’s aniver, we went for a walking tour of downtown Jasper. Jasper, as I commented in the previous post, is a small town and I will not deny that it does not have the same charm as Banff. We noticed that it was the place with the most souvenir shops we’ve visited, it had more than one per block, and we lost count of how many we entered (looking for our usual picture frame). Well, we thought Italian food was well suited to our hunger and to be the birthday dinner (the starter of bread with warm cheese from the oven was divine). After that, we decided to grab a movie, a few steps from the restaurant. It was a very typical small town cinema, 2 rooms with 1 movie passing at a time and the waiting area was like a shop, everyone standing (because there was no place to sit even)… Hehe… The movie wasn’t the best, but the show was cool.
Monday started early, after all we would have the longest stretch to drive, about 366 km. And along the way we could still appreciate the relief so differentiated from what we see every day in Ottawa. The mountains continued until the end of Jasper National Park, about 30 miles from Jasper. And then the plains came back to our arrival in Edmonton. 

Hotel de Jasper
Mountains in the background
On the way to Edmonton, still inside Jasper National Park
Before we set foot on the road, we decided to check out Lake Edith and Lake Annette, on the outskirts of Jasper.
Lake Annette
Edith Lake

We also quickly pass through the Fairmont de Jasper hotel area, which is Canada’s #1 golf resort.
On the way…
Bye bye mountains…
We arrived in Edmonton and headed downtown to see some points I had scored.

First stop in downtown Edmonton, near city hall.
Edmonton was the northernmost place we’ve ever been… Hehehe
Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. The city has around 860,000 inhabitants, reaching 1 million in its metropolitan area.
Curiosity: This shallow pool and fountains behind us is public, you can bathe there …
Beautiful flowers…
Square in front of city hall + Art Gallery of Alberta

Art Gallery of Alberta – recently completed – project by architect Randall Stout – show!

View of the North Saskatchewan River and the Pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory
St. Joseph’s Basilica, New
One of alberta university’s buildings
Alberta Legislature Building, Alberta
Diego, obviously, is the adopted son… Hehe

Again, the Alberta Legislature Building and surrounding square – quite beautiful..

Last tourist spot of the day was the super West Edmonton Mall, which is considered the largest in North America and the 5th in the world. Actually, I just heard about that, we thought it was the biggest in the world, given the extent of the place… you walk, walk and never end. So big it has water park, amusement park, casino, 4 radio stations, up to its own Chinatown inside and other things, plus trocentas stores of all that is kind. Unfortunately, we couldn’t explore all areas of the mall (let alone shop), as it was late afternoon and closed at 6 am due to the work day holiday. But it’s undoubtedly a great haven for locals in the cold months of Edmonton’s icy winter.

Skating Rink – Ice Palace
Water park – wave pool
Water slides at World Waterpark
Sea Life Caverns and Sea Lions Rock
Sea Lions Rock
Sea Life Caverns and the replica of Santa Maria, one of Christopher Columbus’ boats
Amusement Park – Galaxyland
Very interesting how they managed to fit so many toys in this enclosed space…
Uhhh… with looping and everything… Mindbender Rollercoaster

Okay, I think this is the end. On Tuesday, early on, I took the car and went to the airport to catch the flight back home. It was more than 40 km from the hotel to the airport of Edmonton, which is well away from the city, and I without the GPS… ai ai… It was just a wrong exit and about three miles and I finally found the right way… Diego stayed there until Friday, working.

Well, next post, probably no photos, but with news … Wait…