3 years in Canada!!!

* Thanks guys for the comments! I'm glad you all liked the pictures!
* Marcel: use the Canon Xsi DSLR.
Hi all!
Today we turn 3 in Canada. Wow!! 
Unlike the other years, this time there will be no retrospective in photos. That year, the dogs wanted to be the poster boys and there they are… Hehehe
After those three years, that notion of time remains distorted. It goes so fast and at the same time, it seems like little time for so many things we've done.
I can say today that in addition to being adapted to basically, all the issues, we feel that this home we have chosen was and remains a wise decision.
Still, i reinforce that persistence needs to be maintained far beyond the immigration process, because usually the view of us immigrants, before arrival, is much more glamorous than actually happens in reality. I confess that I thought everything would be smoother here, which was not proven totally true after 3 years, is that stones in the way will exist anywhere, just wear the right shoes to go through them (profuuuundo talk!).
The longing for loved ones is one of the things that I believe is not extingated at any time and is undoubtedly the most difficult of tasks.
Plans for year 4? Yes, many! 
First is that we are going to Brazil now in early November, with the right to marriage, many barbecues and many photos … Hehe
Second is I'm doing a graduate school!! I explain better in the next post, because I'm in a rush of nothing … Hehe. And in December, we begin the citizenship process. 
And a lot of good things are coming, I'm sure!
In addition to positive thinking, believing that everything will work out is a great tool for success… Come on then… come year 4!
Beijos – Kisses – Bisous!!!