Gananoque – ON

Friday is many photos day here on the blog, prepared? Lol
This last weekend we decided to pick up the whole family and meet with friends Carol and Luciano for two days of relaxation. We chose the small town of Gananoque-ON, since it was “almost” that in the middle of the road, are 161 km from home and 309 km from Mississauga, where they live.
Gananoque is a small town on the edge of the Saint Lawrence River with approximately 5,200 inhabitants and is a great access point to the Thousand Islands (1000 Islands), the region’s major tourist spot. The city is close to Kingston, also known as the gate of the 1000 Islands, unfortunately our tour there will stay for summer.. Gaby from gaby’s blog in Canada, one of my favorite blogs, wrote great posts about Kingston and 1000 Islands, super recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the region.
We heard from our quick passage through Gananoque that in the summer the city is full, crowded with tourists taking the boats to do the tours in the 1000 Islands and the Gananoque River, already in winter (in our case, spring), the city seemed kind of ghost. Many restaurants don’t even open at this time of year, as most boat trips only start there by the end of April.
All this did not stop us from choosing the city for this special tour, it was my birthday and meeting with dear friends. We booked a hotel that accepted the dogs and they were able to enjoy it with us. You even took a walk in a flea market ( market of old / used things), walk in Confederation Park (which should be even more beautiful in summer) and super cool dinner in a restaurant with Italian food, Riva Restaurant (recently renovated, one of the most beautiful restaurants we’ve ever been) – recommend!
I didn’t expect many photos of this tour, but the area really surprised us, both by the winter weather and by the beauties, even at this time of year. Here are the best:
Welcome to Gananoque
Teatro – Cinema that doesn’t even work anymore…
Gananoque Prefecture – building built in 1831
Anthony’s Restaurant in Gananoque – Yummm
Nachos at Anthony’s
Alice alone in the flesh – authentic Canadian gauchinha
Riva Restaurant, New
Time for Congratulations – Alice loved the little velinha!
Hence the weather decided to give us more snow! View from the hotel window…
Confederation Park, New
Confederation Park – in the center of Gananoque
Daughter + Daddy
Oh the size of the snowman!
Alice had a lot of fun with her dear uncles!
Family, family!
Flea Market, New
Joel Stone Park – desert (or would be arctic) rsrsrs… at this time of year
Saint Lawrence River – frozen
Joel Stone Park, New
Joel Stone Park, New
Purple House Cafe – closed for season (winter)