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Travel with children | Long-haul flights

If you are someone who accompanies our page on FB, you may have seen that we have embarked towards Brazil this last week for a season of approximately 2 weeks.
What you may not know is that Diego stayed in Canada for a while longer because of Dexter and his recovery (I still owe this post is not even) and because of that, Alice and I came alone, more than 32 hours of travel to our final destination (this counting 4 flights and a road trip). Today I tell you how to travel with small children on long-haul flights.
Leaving Ottawa, we stopped in Detroit, then Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro and finally Porto Alegre. The next day we faced a few more hours to Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul, this time by car. Wow, it had everything to be the most tiring thing I've ever done in my life, but I'm going to say it was better than I expected.
Our preparation with Alice, who is 2 1/2 years old, began weeks ago, before we even knew that only the girls of the house would travel. Of course, after our decision to come alone, we intensified the conversations about the need for her to always be close to me, to help with the bags and take care of our belongings (excuses to distract her…).
My tactic was to report to her what would happen and children usually feel comfortable when they already know what's going to happen. I told her that the trip would be long, that we would stay several hours in waiting rooms and also on airplanes. I'm glad she behaved super well and slept during the long flight between Atlanta and Rio, about 9 o'clock. I can't say the same for myself, but it's part of it.
Overall, I can say that despite the adventure, the trip was quieter than I imagined. We didn't have any delays or get in the way.
Important points for those who will travel with child alone: Little hand luggage, little checked baggage, various entertainment options for the little ones and much, more patience. I think I've already won the mom's traveler's stamp huh… hehehehehehehe
Ottawa Airport, Florida
Waiting in Ottawa
Alice ready for her first flight with bank right just for her…
Lollipop was the surprise for her — resolved moments of crisis or restlessness
See you soon Ottawa
One of the favorite hobbies – open and close your belt
Another easy prank that helped you spend time on board
Little hand luggage was essential
Alice testing the stool specially designed for children
Alice socializing with passengers
Atlanta Airport, Florida
Tunnel at Atlanta Airport
Tasting a Brazilian suquinho – I was amazed by the price – R$ 5.30
Quitutes in Rio de Janeiro
Flying with Gol
We about to fly to Porto Alegre