Halifax – Nova Scotia | Atlantic Provinces

Citadel Hill, New
Our last stop in the Atlantic provinces of Canada, or rather The Maritimes, was Halifax and before leaving home I knew it would be the biggest city and with more things to see, but we were surprised by the inviting and pleasant atmosphere of the capital of province of Nova Scotia.
Although Halifax is small, with less than 300,000 inhabitants in the city (297,000), we find it full of attractions and super friendly in many ways.
We arrived later in the afternoon in the city, coming from Charlottetown (see post here) and this time we chose to pick up a hotel that stayed a walking distance from halifax’s biggest attractions. We were able to go to Waterfront Boardwalk on foot, Citadel Hill was right behind our hotel, among other things, and it was a good option. There are several restaurants in this downtown area, as well as on the waterfront, so it was super convenient.
And speaking of waterfront boardwalk, this oceanfront area offers a variety of activities and needs to be on the list of sights to visit in Halifax and we just love it. There are restaurants, pubs, shops, activities, Maritime Museum and of course the ocean. We tried to enjoy a little bit of everything and were impressed by the amount of people there, considering the size of the city, making the area very vivid and even more attractive.
We visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the big attraction there is the area dedicated to the Titanic disaster in 1915. For those who do not know, Halifax was one of the first cities to respond to the accident and many boats there were the first to arrive at the site of the sinking. There are many original artifacts from the ship, including one, if not the only chair intact (see photo below), which was on the decks of the Titanic.
We also visited Alexander Keith’s Brewery, which is from Nova Scotia and is one of the best known Canadian breweries here and the tour was pretty cool, even for girls.
We also pass through the Dalhousie University area, Cathedral Church of All Saints, Fairview Cemetery and Public Gardens. I wrote some details below each photo, so be sure to read my impressions and comments on each one (and there are several, as always… hehe).
Between these 2 1/2 days in Halifax, we chose to book a piece of the day to visit Lunenburg, a picturesque little town about an hour’s drive away. I thought this post was going to be a little confused by the photos of this visit too, so come separate post soon about this charming fishing village.

Waterfront Boardwalk in Halifax
Historic Proprieties
Cow’s Ice Cream Shop at Waterfront Boarkwalk
They had to test-drive cow’s kitty, of course! 🙂
A part of the boadwalk and a little girl happy to run wild…
Girls’ favourite spot – underwater playground on the Waterfront in Halifax
Theodore Too – Friendly boat with tours available (we didn’t do the tour this time…)
The Bicycle Chief – one of the restaurants we tested and approved in the region
One of the piers – with several yachts “parked” – now I want one!! Hahaha
This is the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – original titanic chair – super well maintained
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Boat Css Acadia that can be visited with the entrance to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
We walked through the Halifax Seaport – stop over from several cruise routes…

Apparently you can’t go to Halifax and not eat mussels… Hehe

Angus L. Macdonald Brige connecting Halifax to nearby town Dartmouth
Halifax Central Library, Halifax
Halifax Central Library – inside
Cathedral Church of All Saints
 Alexander Keith’s original Canadian beer headquarters and factory. The tour is very cool, even for children (they can have iced tea to accompany the tasting… hehe)
Citadel Hill – photo of our photographer on duty: Alice
Diana was impressed by the boy’s gun or kilt… Hehe
Museum inside the Citadel of Halifax
Citadel, New
One of the few accesses by the Citadel wall
Fairview Cemetery – more than 100 titanic victims
Fairview Cemetery, New
Public Gardens – we almost missed the visit to halifax’s public garden, but I’m glad we made it. The place is beautiful – with the biggest flowers I’ve ever seen…
Many photo places at Public Gardens in Halifax
All super well taken care of
I love this photo for several reasons – our beautiful smiling Alice, the colorful flowers, the water fountain and Diana flying her hair in the background of the photo… Hahaha
Beautiful flowers
The girls loved it! And I’ve already warned you that no flowers were damaged during our visit… Hehe

Finally, I end by saying that Halifax was a city that exceeded our expectations. Although smaller than Ottawa and more geographically remote, I think it would be an option to live if we needed or wanted to leave Ottawa (or have chosen the city 9 years ago, when we came by suitcase and cuia).
Worth another visit someday, for sure!