Halloween 2016

Jack-o-Lantern 2016

This year, October came arriving quietly, soft, but with the usual beautiful color. Only suddenly, the cold came to stay, gave even snow (which has already melted) and finally came one of the most anticipated days of the year for children, Halloween (see 2015 here).

Over the years, we've been getting more and more excited about this commemorative date here, but more in the sense of being an opportunity to wear costumes and be, for a few hours, something different from who we are in everyday life and the best, to see the children so excited and willing tas to go out on the street knocking door to door. We don't take it as a gloomy event for girls, which is why so far, we prefer light and somewhat cheerful costumes without scary costumes.
We were inspired by superheroes again, the girls were from Wonder Woman/Wonder Woman and I take the opportunity to leave a special thank you to my mother who put together the little dresses they are wearing. The rest was done at home, as were diego's and Diego's costumes (Scarlet Witch/Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier/Winter Soldier – from the Avengers/Avengers and Captain America films), which were assembled with items we had at home and some things I found in stores in the last days before Halloween. There are several stores that sell beautiful costumes ready and the options are numerous, but I honestly found an unnecessary expense if our intention was only to walk on the street for a few hours and we had no party scheduled.
That was the first year we did the jack-o-lantern well caprichadinho … I just missed the time and the first pumpkin ended up not "surviving" until Halloween night. Then on the second attempt, this haunted castle was carved on the 31st, to avoid setbacks (and squirrels wanting to eat the seeds).
Alice has been doing the trick or treat for some years already and always does very well, but it was the first year that Diana was and if you follow blog on Facebook must have seen the video of them doing trick or treat. Diana was not intimidated and spoke also and of course, won a handful of sweets to call her … errrr… from mommy and daddy here… Haha
We just don't think our street's been too whimsical this year. Few children came and few houses were well decorated. There's a lot of candy left, in addition to the ones they collected. Maybe next year the staff gets more excited… Hehe
Alice wanted to make the mummy pumpkin and put her eyes on the other…
Our first jack-o-lantern – there an LED candle inside to illuminate the drawing (appears well at night)…
Houses with pumpkins or decoration signal that they are participating in trick or treat 
The girls jack-o-lantern
If DC Comics wants to hire them to appear in the new Wonder Woman movie next year, I think I'il take negotiations… Hehehe
ai ai.. it was fun!
Epic battle – it will probably never happen in the comic book universe.. Hehehe
Of course the dogs also participated, dressed as Canadian and Brazilian… Hehehehe 
Haha… even Diana got in the mood…
Oh my diet!!
Here's our inspiration – haha – Scarlet Wich
And my own Winter Soldier until it looked like it, right… Hehehe

Kisses and until the next post!