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Hollywood Studios

We took advantage of that domingão to go to Hollywood Studios, another Disney park, because we thought that during the weekend the popular Magic Kingdom should be fuller and crowd no one deserves. And I believe it was an advantage, because the park was not so full, giving us a chance to enjoy many of the things.
Disney Hollywood Studios was called MGM Studios until January 2008, so for those who visited the park before that, don't get confused because it's the same park… Hehe
In addition to the attractions described in the photos below, diego was still in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Hollywood Tower) and the Roller 'n' Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Adrenaline in the vein…
And we all went to Toy Story Mania and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, and we walked a lot between sets. There at the end of the day, already night in fact, we stayed to watch the show of water, fireworks, sound and light, starring our friend Mickey Mouse. It is worth staying and seeing the show, as it has more characters appearing (princesses) and the show is really beautiful. For Alice, what was worth the most of the show was the endless hola of the bleachers. She loved it so much that today it still does if we ask… 🙂

The entrance… is also away from the park, you have to take the tram (little train)
Classic Sorcerer's Hat
Star Tours – Based on Star Wa
rsI was filmed and was considered the spy of our tour – the mission was to take the spy safely to another planet… Hehe
In the long worms of lines of the attractions – this is from Star Tours
Muppet Vision 3-D – Showzinho 3d very coolzinho … Alice can go, nas does not want to wear the 3d glasses …
We all went to check out the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spetacular – live show…
In front of The Great Movie Ride – we didn't go to the H
ollywood Tower in the background
Me and sleeping beauty
The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow – Little Soft Show – I confess – but Jack Sparrow looks real!
Alice loved the Disney Junior show – Live on Stage!! It's really worth it for kids… it's a live show with puppets… Mickey, Minnie, Sofia The First, Doc Mcstuffins, Jane and the Never Land Pirates
Then out there, Alice can personally meet two of the characters she watches – Handy Manny and Jake (she didn't want to leave them anymore…
Later, for "dinner", we attack the popular Turkey leg and holly molly, this business is big (and good)… Alice seems to be willing to prove… 🙂
Water show, fireworks, video and music – Fantasmic
Do I serve as a poster girl? 🙂
Beautiful balloons again…
End of the day and someone still has battery…

Next is at last, the Magic Kingdom…