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Magic Kingdom | Disney 2013

Get ready for a flurry of photos. I'll let you know!
Magic Kingdom, well, is a classic. I always imagined myself visiting and seeing the castle up close and everything. For those who do not know, the park is really full of magic. And why not talk about the crowd that works there and is all over the corner of the park. Starting with the parking lot, as I mentioned, they help car by car. Then, every 5 minutes, pass the tram to take you to the access to the monorail or ferry boat. All in the greatest enthusiasm.
The 3 of us took a quick pass at the end of the day we went to Animal Kingdom, took advantage of the park before and went to the Magic Kingdom. It was good, because we stayed until the fireworks show that takes place every day at 10 pm.
The day we went all day in the park, the 5 of us chose to use the ferry where the queues were smaller compared to the monorail. It is worth remembering this option for days that you arrive at a peak time. Already the lap was quiet in the two days, straight by monorail.
Let me add that 1 day is not totally enough to enjoy everything. Well it is always to take into account that the Magic Kingdom has a chance to always be the fullest, rain or sun.
I also have to highlight the huge organization, cleanliness and care that one has in all disney parks, but even more in magic kingdom. You do not see garbage on the floor and see, you will also see someone with a vassourinha coming to clean …. I found impressionate. Other than that, everyone who worked there was always in a good mood and willing to help. I needed to see the animation of the staff in the parades, I even liked to watch (and we will applaud the poor who made times of Minnie, Mickey and other costumed characters, the heat was great and they were there inside that super animated upholstered costume … clap clap clap…).
About the attractions, well, it was all interesting, we could not go at all, obviamentte and two gave problem and we could not go, which went to Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean (we were almost 1 hour in line and we were already close when they warned that we had given p roblema… afff). In addition, in addition to the attractions that are described in the photos, Diego and I went on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (roller coaster on my level, nothing so radical – I loved it) and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (we laughed a lot and Diego appeared on the big screen and everything) and with the whole family we still went to Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress and Jungle Cruise.
The ones missing, some of them because of the long waiting time even with FastPass, we'il leave it next… Hehehe
Main street home
I loved these balloons…
All well flowery and very well taken care of…
View of main street towards the castle…
Alice also loved the balloons…
It's really beautiful!! Cinderella Castle, New
On the "back" of Cinderella's castle
View of Tomorrowland
Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade
Look at Minnie behind us!
Assinated to the parade… Alice loved it, any questions?!
it's a small world
Dream Along with Mickey
Show we've watched a few times via YouTube at home… it was nice to see live…
So nice!
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid and the best ice cream of recent times: Strawberry Shortcake – worth every calorie!
Swiss Family Treehouse and another view of Tomorrowland
Awwwnnn! Alice loved Mickey. I didn't want to let go anymore!
We're all visiting Mickey at the Town Square Theater
Dumbo – The Flying Elephant – Classic alice liked – at New Fantasyland
Main Street Electrical Parade
It is worth staying to see only have to take into account many of the streets adjascentes are closed and many of the lights of the region are dimed or turned off during the parade, which restricts movement.
Lights at Cinderella Castle – part of Wishes Nighttime Spetacular
It's worth staying…
It's night at the Magic Kingdom!
Bye everybody!