How to choose your next travel destination

This post was inspired by the many stories I have heard or read out there, about travel and above all, the purpose. How to choose your next travel destination, especially now that the only thing we can do is plan.

With this pandemic and the crisis in the tourism sector, I found it worth talking about the reasons that make us want to travel and what the choice of itineraries are based our our personal preferences and wishes and what is bases in influences of social media.

This theme came out of yet another one of my “shower wanderings”, which is basically the only time I can hear my own thoughts and hopefully have some interesting or creative ideas. Who is with me?!

But in reality, how do other people affect the next destination of your trip? Now that everything is in a bit of limbo, the travels stopped, we can only think and start planning new destinations (or re-take some), but I see more and more how much the “others” or other people’s opinions, dictate the travel destination of many of us.

What I basically want to say is that there are people who just want to go somewhere because that friend went there or because everyone is going and you haven’t gone yet. There is also that pictures of the place are going viral on the internet. Cliché destinations also count in this type of travel choices.

Don’t base your decisions only on other people’s experiences.

Of course, absolutely nothing against going to Paris, several times. But it is worth analyzing whether it is your personal decision or just an influenced one. I would go back to Paris many times, for example. I love being a tourist there.

And being influenced by someone who travels and reports in interesting ways is super positive, I do it myself.

But there are times when we miss fantastic opportunities because we stick only to other’s opinions, without doing an adequate research to match our preferences .

That typical thing of only paying attention to the “I went there!” after an especific trips.

In our travel enthusiasts’ journey here on the blog, we are completely aware that we are a small grain of sand in an ocean of options.

We have already decided on destinations in the past that were almost completely unknown to most people.

Something that caused curiosity even by people who lived in those places. That actually happened a few times, such as in Minneapolis (true story, which should be on the blog soon).

Quando ainda éramos 4… em Minneapolis

Choose your next travel destination to match your personal preferences.

All of this just to say that if you are going to plan a next trip, that’s fantastic!

Just stay on top of the itineraries, research and analyze where you want to go, because depending on the destination, the options can be extremely wide.

The focus should be on YOU and / or your family and less on others.

Travel to learn, to enjoy, to be dazzled, to get emotional and less to take a “popular” photo of a particular popular place.

Sound good?! Now tell me what will be your next destination (hopefully soon!)?