Family in Mont-Tremblant – Quebéc

Mont-Tremblant ski village
(no snow yet, but very charming)

Last weekend we were in Mont-Tremblant, Québec, celebrating our first decade of marriage. If you were to ask us what we would do at these special weddings, we would say something much more elaborate and planned, but with the rush of everyday life + diego’s work issues, we could not enjoy something more extended. It was last minute, but it was pretty cool!

Thus, we decided to take a jump in the neighboring province, in the charming ski village, Mont-Tremblant, in the Laurentian Mountains and it was cozy and relaxing (as far as you can relax with 2 children on lap bar right – but okay, because they are the most important part of these 10 years anyway… hehe). We had already visited the area in 2012, but in the middle of summer – see here.
Mont-Tremblant is a best known ski resort here in the region and is almost the same distance from Ottawa (2h) and Montreal (1h30m), so it attracts a lot of people, both in summer and winter.
In this autumn season, we did not find many things to do, especially with children, but we opted for a hotel on the mountain and a few steps from the village, which made the tour easier and more charming, besides being able to enjoy the hotel well.
We took the opportunity to eat, walk without haste and enjoy the beautiful day that was on Saturday and Sunday.

Where to stay?

It has several hotels at the foot of the mountain and many others in the town of Mont-Tremblant itself. We opted for the Fairmont Tremblant which is inside the village this time and the experience was good. Breakfast is great, but not included in the rate (from $21 to $27 doletas). It has 3 swimming pools, two of them outdoors and that are open all year round, We enjoy the warmest of them (outdoors) with 5 degrees of temperature outside.
Alice also loved the games room, although it wasn’t necessarily for her age.
Outdoor hotal areas
Relax areas of the hotel
Ready for the pool
Outdoor pools at Fairmon Tremblant

It was cold (out of the water), but everyone liked it…
Breakfast before departure…
In winter, you can bathe in the pool and watch the ski ing from the cabin next door…
Game room: Alice liked the hockey game… even when i lost… Hehehe

Where to eat?

We tasted the hotel restaurant on one night and a local restaurant on the other, both good. We also enjoyed brunch at a city establishment itself and not in the village.
We love Le Shack in the center of the village on the mountain. had trees and artificial birds inside that gave a very pleasant atmosphere, besides the food come super fast, tasty and with fair price. I imagine this place in the winter fort, full of hungry people after skiing for hours. Pretty cool!
Our brunch was at La Maison de la Gare, a super simple and local restaurant (in an old house), with tasty dishes ranging from omelettes to waffles, eggs, potatoes and pancakes, of course with coffee or juice at will. The food also came super fast, which we here thanks (do not want to be near the hungry girls …).
Illuminated village
Le Shack, New
Brunch at maison de la Gare
I couldn’t miss it.

Where to go?

We only walked around the village even and took a not very extensive drive one of the days.
We found this nice waterfall close by, at rivière du Diable, we strolled in the village at night, during the day, even with the cold and ate Beaver Tails. I imagine charming that gets how snowy.

Circulating in the village at night
Cold and Christmas decoration in sight…
Waterfall at rivière du Diablo
Mandatory photo in Mont-Tremblant
Le Shack and the village center
Imagine all this snow-covered and the weights coming down and up…
Already in the Christmas atmosphere around here…
Enjoying a little sun
Alice with great pretensions… Hehe
Charm is what is not lacking
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Young lady
Lovely Mont-Tremblant – until the next
Kisses and thank you for the affection! 🙂