IKEA in Ottawa for children

One of the accesses to the children's area – Smaland

It sounds funny and curious, but many people here in Ottawa choose to go to IKEA when no other program seems feasible, including me. Especially in winter, when the temperature restricts a little, you see the store full at various times, especially near lunch (I add that the food options in the food court at IKEA are great and with good prices – in my opinion).

It is true that the store always has something that shines in the eyes, I for example, always have something on the list, but people really go there not thinking so much about shopping, but to spend time, have lunch and be distracted.

Parents with children don't even talk then! IKEA here in Ottawa has a really cool area with designated monitors for children (I don't know if the other stores in Canada also have…). It has a ball pool, a movie area, books and toys from the store and you pay nothing to use. Depending on the time they can spend from 40 min to 1 hour having fun while the parents shop or just have a little time to move around the store calmly.

You need to sign in and out and you get a device that shines and vibrates for you to be called if you need to, before the given time.

Alice has been there a few times, but all recently and I think it's a great idea. We took advantage of that there was promotion on some things we wanted and she was already spending the rest of the energy, after school and I went to analyze things with daughter only for 1 hour … Hehehe

Each child's belongings are in these boxes, next to the playground
Height limit to enter – 94 to 137 cm
Our device only vibrates/shines if needed! Parents have to take care of the time to pick up the child…
It's not a toy, Diana!!!  🙂
Mr. Awnnnnn! 🙂
Planning our future reform…
Alice coming out happy from the playground!
Girls playing in showroom

Kisses and even!