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Miami | The city and the beaches

After the fun but exhausting days of the parks in Orlando, we drove to Miami, about 4 hours away.

Our greatest intention was to even give a reduced pace, rest a little (if this is possible having a child of 1 year and a half on the lap) and know the beaches and a few sights that we find more interesting, before flying home.

We stayed in a hotel near the marina in North Miami, for reasons of values, since the beachfront resort hotels in South Beach are quite expensive (resort fee, parking etc. in addition to the daily, of course), which was not a big problem, since we were with rental car and we could get around easily.

We strolled through South Beach only in the late afternoon and although the beach was half empty, the atmosphere of the area, full of bars and restaurants was great. You could even feel a kind of glamorous atmosphere of walking there, full of beautiful people, hype, imported cars and such.

But they even had families with kids in the restaurants we passed by, proving that they’re not just singles or childless people walking around.

The next day was the beach day. It dawned with a beautiful sun and we decided to go to North Beach, which was closer to the hotel. The sea was a bit revolting, but clear, thick sand (which doesn’t stick everything) and resulted in an unforgettable day (for various reasons, but it was Alice’s first day at the beach).

The other day, we also went for a walk through downtown Miami and Little Havana (Cuban area of Miami) since the day was rainy. And the next day, we caught another beach afternoon at Craydon Park on the way back from our tour in Key Biscayne.

Key Biscayne is an island south of Miami that is reportedly home to a large millionaire population and famous home. We, of course, went for a walk there, going that the magic dust of wealth does not catch on us …. Hehehe.

There we find many mansions, lots of organization / cleaning, golf courses and almost only luxury cars.  

Summary: Miami is a very friendly city, but what I point out are the natural beauties. The beaches are one of those that deserve several visits… Hehehe  

South beach – Miami Beach
Walk along the “boardwalk” along South beach – pure glamour… Hehe
North beach, North Carolina
Beautiful day – unforgettable – want to come back, please!
He loved the beach, but not so much the sand, not the water…
À-Milanese family
You even gave for a swim…
In the hotel pool after a hot dayThe
hotel was not chic no – in Miami all hotels have pool right!
View of the bay at the hotel’s back
It even gave to savor a super barbecue in one of the many Brazilian steakhouses of Miami
– Texas Brazil was approved!
Downtown Miami, Florida
Bayfront Park Tour
Bayfront Park, New
Buildings in downtown
Getting to Key Biscayne
Beach in Craydon Park
Crystal clear and shallow water so for many meters in the sea…
Alice and Grandma Lourdes
Natural pools in Craydon Park
It looks like a pool.
Miami in the background
View of downtown Miami – returning from Key Biscayne

Next post from Miami still has beautiful pictures of other places we went in the city – wait…