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Miami | Vizcaya & Coral Gables

In one of the few days we stayed in Miami, we decided to walk through Coral Gables, which is a small town of about 12,000 inhabitants, southwest of Miami. It’s all kind of stuck together to tell you the truth.

We learned of the beautiful streets covered with green by these centuries-old trees and near there, in Coconut Grove, was also the Villa Vizcaya museum, which was another attraction we wanted to know.

Streets in Coral Gables – Coral Way
Venetian Pool – Public swimming pool in Coral Gables
DeSoto Fountain
Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Pennsylvania

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, as it is called today, was the property of about 50 acres of a wealthy businessman in the region. The mansion and gardens were built in Italian Renaissance style from 1914 to 1923. Today it is a museum, precisely for the luxury it boasts, European architecture and the beautiful gardens.

You can get information about tickets and schedules on this site here.


Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside the house and we only have pictures of the outside. Too bad, because i had so much beautiful stuff to show for it. A luxury only. But on the outside it doesn’t leave much to be desired either. I think it’s well worth taking a little hop there, as a tourist spot in Miami.

Mansion front

Curiosity for movie fans: The exterior of the mansion and gardens were used as a location in the latest Iron Man film. Remember the house where the Mandarin terrorist is hiding. There is also an hour when Iron Man manages to get out of the house and leaves right in the casino area, photo ahead*.

-*Used as a rental on Iron Man 3
Side of the house, near the orchid

It was quiet to walk through Vizcaya with Alice. By the gardens and exteriors of the mansion, it is allowed to use the stand, only on the inside use is forbidden (many stairs etc).

Another one from the orchid… There’s a little flower that walks!
Swimming pool and gardens
Stone Barge
Mansion backgrounds
Part of botanical garden
Sea view – clear!
Beautiful gardens
View from the Casino to the mansion

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