Visiting Mont Tremblant – Québec

I wanted to first thank you for the comments and congratulations on the post of 5 years! Thank you guys!! You guys who deserve the congratulations of holding me all these years, talking nonsense here on the blog … Hehehe
We were in Mont Tremblant for the first time in mid-June with visits from Brazil, Adriana and Taís (Diego’s sister and cousin, respectively). We’d talked about jumping there a million times, but i never got a good shot. 
Of course, our idea was to go in the winter, but we heard that it was quite interesting to go in the summer too, so there we went.
We decided to stay 1 night and almost 1 day in the region since it was supposed to be a short walk even, without further explorations and such. We stayed in a hotel in the Saint-Jovite region, which is about 15km from the most touristic area of Mont-Tremblant, mainly because of the price, since the hotels close to the “village” are much more expensive, even in summer.
On the way to the village – Mont-Tremblant

Arriving in downtown Mont-Tremblant we came across this, a free cable car that climbed to the top of the village. Very practical and open to the wind (is it open to the geeelado wind and snow in winter??) and numerous charming and colorful buildings.

On the cable car…
At the top of the village, you will find several shops, interesting restaurants, souvenirs among others. Everything’s so nice!
At the top of the village
Me and Alice in the chair
The colorful of the buildings.

There at the top of the village, you have access to other cable cars, which lead to the top of the mountain. What we took was “cable car” but it has the option “chair-with-legs-to-wind-No-thanks” as well. We saw that there is also a type of cart to get down on a track, another option for children … for Alice who knows next … Hehe

Major cable car – to the top of the mountain
Rising… Oooo… and how!
Us and Adriana, Diego’s sister
Us on top!
Well-deserved rest break…
In the middle, near the lake alley, is the village…
Coming down now on foot…
We can’t resist… 🙂
Nice, isn’t it?
There on the mountain you can see where the downhill ski slopes and the cable cars are…
We liked the place a lot, but got the taste of want more … Now we’re going to have to go back there in the winter!