Gatineau Park – in autumn

These days we went to do our seasonal tour to Gatineau Park and for sure, it's the time that the park gets more beautiful in my opinion! Fact is, you can't help but enjoy some autumn before he's gone.
This time, we decided to visit the Mackenzie King Estate, which is inside the park, in the so-called Gatineau Hills. The place was home to the 10th Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, who was the head of government for more than 50 years. There is the preserved heritage, including a museum where it was the house, hiking trails, gardens, picturesque ruins and the exuberant nature itself.
Attention – > photo exaggeration!!

Already in the park

Pink Lake

Mackenzie King Estate, New

House-museum and café

Cold of 8ºC

Good thing to go in the cart right Alice?!

Ruins and gardens

Autumn colors!


But the little cluster is dry… many years ago, apparently…
Princess Alice, granddaughter of queen Victoria, has walked around here… and now we bring the other princess… Hehe


Mini tunnel

The one from the bunch – dry… but it was worth the walk

More ruins…

A bit of fun – with excitement – check!!

We 3!! You could take the dogs, but we didn't know until we got there…