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Ok, I agree that this blog is turning into a fotolog, but all right, so brings a colorful pros “zoio” from everyone.
We are planning some posts about the great madness change that is immigrating, wherever it is, soon it is emerging here in New Home.
For now, I will post the photos and due comments on our tour to Montebello. And how nice that was saw, I think I would get used to easy, easy with this life of chic people … Hahaha

Montebello is a small town in Quebec about 1 hour from Ottawa, towards Montreal. Basically everything revolves around the Fairmont Le Château Montebello, a 5-star resort that has hosted world political meetings (G7) and has served as accommodation even for the Queen of England.
In addition to the great landmark of having received us (hahahaha), the hotel is known as the largest structure built in logs of wood in the world. As attractions, the resort, which sits on the banks of the Ottawa River, offers depending on the season, frozen river fishing, snowmobile ride, sleigh pulled pro dogs, skiing, trekking, climbing, golf course, tennis courts, squash, swimming pools (thermal and open), hot tub, spa, fitness center, sauna, horse riding and cycling… among others, intense…. Heheh
Claaaaro that most, not to say all, are extra, but what was included in the daily, we took advantage … In fact, I didn’t mention it, we ended up in this hotel, because Diego won the weekend stay, in return for his dedicated and intense work in his job. Needless to say, we love it, right… and that was overdeserved.

The only bad part of the trip was that at the second dinner, the food didn’t go down too well for Diego, who woke up a little bad, which turned into food poisoning. It wasn’t a very quiet trip back for him… he had a little bad for about 2 days, but fortunately improved over the course of the week :)…

Here are the photos of the tour:

Look at the reception as soon as we arrive: champagne, roses, chocolates and special bath products. It was part of the hotel’s romantic getaway package.
Oh, i’m going to

View from our window



Docks again

Ottawa River – there q has the ice fishing in winter

Mini golf


Our departure was exciting… Hehehe… we still play on the indoor court and squash…

Montebello Church


Mon premier magazine en français… Très intéressant…

Lobby ceiling detail


Thermal pool… there is a tunnel that connects the hotel to this area…
Bisous à tout…